I cannot dance. Alas. But I can do other stuff.

My daughter has been sick again.  She falls asleep watching cartoons in the afternoon, then wakes up inconsolable but refuses all medication.  This afternoon, I was rocking her in the gliding rocker in my room, channel surfing for some entertainment suitable for us both.  I happened upon “America’s Best Dance Crew,” a show I like to watch for the commentary by the judge “Lil Mama.”  I can’t tell you exactly what she says or even how she says it, but I am mightily amused.  She’s so un-housewife, so un-suburban.

Also?  I like to watch the dancing.  I could no sooner dance that I could dive to the ocean floor without an oxygen.  I might not have been born without rhythm but what little ability I might have had was crushed out by a religion that believed that square dancing could send you straight to hell.  So, I can clap in rhythm but dancing?  Uh, no.  Never.  I am dance-impaired, much to my chagrin.  (I cannot imagine purposely drawing attention to my body in motion, ever.)

Who’ll Stop the Rain divx

Anyway, so the dancing began and my daughter turns her stinky-sick-breath face to me and said, “Mom, do you have any talents?”

And I said, rather lamely, “Well, I do play the piano and sing.”

Ghosts of Mars on dvd

Over Her Dead Body ipod

I don’t think she was impressed.  I cannot fly-kick or head-spin or shake my booty.  (Wait?  Did I just slip into a past decade of dance moves?)

When your kid has to ask if you have any talents, it might be time to hire a public relations expert to polish your image a bit.  I’m not feeling the love.

The Beguiled move

I cannot dance. Alas. But I can do other stuff.

3 thoughts on “I cannot dance. Alas. But I can do other stuff.

  1. Julana says:

    I think she meant, “Have you ever been in showbiz?”
    My grandmother had a talent for hospitality. My mother had a talent for cooking.
    My father has a talent for conversation and fixing cars.
    What is the difference between a talent and a gift?


  2. lol, that’s funny…my hannah asked me the other day if i was talented…turns out she just wanted me to sew up the hole in her kulottes?? go figure…lol


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