Checking in

My husband has been out of town since Thursday morning.  My teenagers left yesterday at noon.  It’s just me and my 10-year old son and 6-year old daughter.  And yet, they bicker and prevent me from sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

However, it was a good day.  I took the kids to McDonald’s and then Goodwill where we all found treasures.  I worked on my writing assignment (due today!), vacuumed my house, cleaned my teenager’s filthy and disgusting bathroom and then went to a movie (thanks to my mom who babysat).

I saw “The Reader.”  I am on a quest to see all the movies nominated for Academy Awards, including the films featuring  the actors and actresses who have been nominated for best actor and best actress.

But now, I am going upstairs to watch SNL.  I finished my writing assignment.  Tomorrow I’m taking the kids to church, then to the zoo, then to the grocery store to buy junk food for a little family Superbowl Party.  The teenagers will be home and the chaos will resume in full force.  (Husband due home on Wednesday night.)

By the way, be jealous.  My husband bought me an iPhone for my birthday!

7 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I am jealous, until I think of the monthly bill. 🙂
    Congratulations on finishing the writing. I’ve subscribed to Writer’s Digest again. January is hard in the Midwest, as far as goal-setting.
    Maybe I should have set a goal of seeing movies–although I did see one, and it was a downer. 🙂


  2. My birthday was the 25th! But I’m a few years older…but who’s counting…and I didn’t get an iPhone! My son has one and developed a couple of free apps for it. Check his account at Gengar Studios.


  3. How did you like The Reader? A group of us have been going to the movies each week too and have seen mostly good flicks and a few really wonderful ones – but I am holding out on seeing the Reader (because I remember not really liking the book).

    And congrats on the iPhone!


  4. You have now entered the vortex of Apple World. You are slowly, gently being eased into a trance from which you shall never awake. Let the apps carry you to a new land of possibilities of amusement. Run to the blinding white light of the ultra mod mac store and bathe in it’s glorious cool-ness. Caress the gleaming flat screens and tap into the most amazing software in the history of the universe. Observe the children in matching polo shirts explain the simple beauty of mobile me.

    Welcome the crack house of the computer world…once you start you will never be free of it’s grip.

    I am hooked for life.


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