Merry Christmas!

We’ve had ghastly weather for over a week, but this morning when I opened the front door, I heard the glorious sound: drip-drip-drip.

So, at noon, my daughter and I raced to the grocery store so she could buy her brothers a present.  (She hadn’t remembered until today, apparently.  She’s six years old.)  Of course, I need important things like sour cream and black olives.

We have two vans–a normal mini-van and a Chevy cargo van which is 13 years old.  My husband drives the newer van to work, leaving the gigantic old van for me to motor around town.  I can finally park it between the white lines in a parking lot–a skill which took me a couple of years to master.  (That’s just pulling in straight.  I could never ever parallel park this behemoth.)

The last time I drove the big van was when it had started snowing a week ago.  It took me six tries to get backed out of my sloping driveway and then I slid all over my unplowed road.  Truly, driving this van on the snow is like trying to steer a living room on wheels–without brakes or steering wheel.  Or like motoring a boat on a stormy sea . . . with no rudder or oars.  Kinda scary.

I was confident today, though, because of the drip-drip-drip.  I had my teenagers shovel the snow from behind the van.  The funny thing was that they didn’t shovel as much as they raked and “broomed.”  Whatever.  As long as I didn’t have to contend with a snowbank before I even hit the road.

Our road was slippery, but once I hit the main road all was well. Hooray!

The parking lot at the grocery store was another story.  A bad story.  I had to park way out in the parking lot because it’s not easy to park an enormous van in a slushy snowy parking lot packed with a million last minute grocery shoppers.  Awesome, though, because I was out in the world and not at home without sour cream.  Then I stepped out of the van and into a deep puddle of melty slushy snow.  Pretty.

But we shopped.  We paid.  Then, back to the out in no-man’s-land.  I couldn’t push the cart to the van because of the icy slushy snow pack.  Instead, I carried the bags from the cart which sat pretty much in the middle of the parking lot.  I hurried, though, then returned to the cart and waited for an opening in traffic and backed out.

Only when I backed out, I couldn’t pull forward because I was stuck.  And a car was waiting for my parking spot.  I had to pull forward and try again.  But another car stopped to wait for me . . . and when I backed out, my tires spun, unable to get traction and I couldn’t move.  So I pulled forward again, gunned it, hoped to not hit the car behind me. . . and got stuck again.

After four or five tries and a little Christmas jeering (MOVE ALONG, PEOPLE!) I realized I could turn the opposite way.  So, I was able to exit the parking lot.  Hooray, hooray.  It’s the small things–like being able to drive backward and forward in my living-room-on-wheels that make me happy.

Anyway, what a long story without much of a point, but hey, Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a delightful day and that no one vomits in your house.  (Huh?  Where’d that come from?)

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I am so glad I live in florida where it does not snow.
    The vomiting happened in the middle of the night here last night. I was being Santa, thankfully out in the garage still wrapping and my son woke up and puked all over his bed.he went and got daddy up and thankfully didn’t discover me in the garage.


  2. Merry Christmas to you, too!

    A Christmas without vomit is a treasure. 🙂 At our house we’re shuffling around, doing everything in peaceful slo-mo because we’ve all been hit with a sniffling/coughing plague. But I’ve been a mom long enough to know to be THANKFUL for sniffles and coughs if it means none of the other stuff. 🙂


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