Here’s incentive to clean: Schedule a sudden appointment with a home appraiser, one who tells you he will be coming inside and taking measurements. Nothing makes you take stock of things like the idea of a stranger walking through your house, even if he says, “I will not be looking at your personal property, only the house itself.” Yeah, right.

And that’s pretty much why I have nothing to say today. I spent my morning cleaning, my afternoon working, my evening reading (and watching “Survivor”) and my night working. All work and no play makes Mel a very boring girl.

You asked hard questions (a few posts back), so I’ll have to wait until I am not weary to answer them.

4 thoughts on “Incentive

  1. I’m reading “The Living End” by Lisa in fits and starts at the moment myself. Loving it, too. All work and no play is wreaking havoc on my blogging life too, Mel, so don’t feel badly. LOTS of real life is crowding me out right now. Please, please pray!!


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