Not Cool

For the record, I am still not cool even though I now attend a cool church.  Also, I just reread Blue Like Jazz and liked it even more this time around.

7 thoughts on “Not Cool

  1. Ha. Me too. Everything in that post. Except I don’t drink anything stronger than fruit juice, don’t drive at all, and have no idea what HBO even means.

    I love ‘Blue like Jazz’, though I only read it for the first time recently (well, it’s a cool book, isn’t it? Maybe that gives at least one coolness point).


  2. I am not cool, either; however, in reviewing your list, I have or do lots of that stuff! So, maybe I’d be cool to you, Mel, but the rest of the world knows I’m a middle-aged housewife, in desperate need of a makeover (which will never happen). 🙂


  3. Hmmmmm. I never have thought about whether the church I attend is ‘cool’ or not. What makes a cool church? I go where I go — and have gone — for the past 32 years because, even now, I feel the Spirit of God there as sweetly and completely as I did the first day I walked in there as a 22-yr-old new mom who didn’t have the first clue about ‘religion’ but knew in my heart at that moment that I’d found what I’d been searching for all my life.


  4. Ah, the cool thing. I’m a bit torn about it myself. I have never been cool when I was young but I might be a bit cooler now. I actually can identify the cool clothes teenagers wear, I only don’t care for them.

    I’m not quite sure yet if I still want to become cool or not. Like being thin I’d like to be cool without actually having to do anything different.

    I didn’t know church could be cool at all. I still think “cool” is something along the line of punk rock, or Miles Davis. Which shows how old I am, I know.

    So, I think one of these days I will be writing my own post about the whole being cool issue.


  5. If cool is trendy, then I am not cool. If cool is walking on the wild side then I am definitely not cool. Cool has always eluded me. If you try too hard, cool becomes absurd ( as most Vogue magazines prove) or pathetic ( like “Kath and Kim”)

    However, if cool is not wanting to look old, then I am taking definite steps towards cool. Just bought the book “How Not to Look Old” — a great, completely indulgent book that explains (in enough detail for me to get it) how to look current without looking like a woman who is trying to look 21.

    I needed this book because I was slowly sliding into OL (old lady) ways. Elastic waistbands, white blouses and sensible shoes were beginning to dominate my closet. I was beginning to reflect the ways of middle age and in my heart, I am 27 not 47.

    I just want to stay as young as I get older. If that is being cool, then I am down with that.


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