See that picture over there?

That one?

Yeah, well, my hair does not look like that anymore. It’s long and kind of out of control now. But my husband finally expressed an opinion (he likes it long) and so I’m resisting the urge to hack it off.

Eyes closed, hair overtaking the world. But isn’t my daughter cute?

That is all. I just thought you should have an accurate mental image when you read this blog. And I don’t really look like that any more. (Oh, and yes, my face is chubbier than it was a few months back. I blame my job. And processed foods. And the stock market.)

Carry on.

13 thoughts on “See that picture over there?

  1. That is hilarious. I have not had my hair cut or colored since January 30, 2008. I remember the date precisely because it was the day before or of my daughter’s school auction. We spend so much at the auction, that we went on a budget freeze for February. Then I got busy. Then, BAM, it’s summer and I’m rocking a ponytail. Now my husband says the same thing, Keep it long. Blech, I don’t love it, but I’ll give it a try.

    Your curls are awesome. If I had that kind of body in my hair I might not be so blech about the long hair. Mine is flat. Way flat.


  2. I know it’s hard to believe… but nearly every husband is going to say the same thing. Why? Because we like long hair. It’s just the way we are. We really, really like it long. Not like Rapunzel type long, just like what you have going on in this picture.


  3. I love your hair! They curls are something I used to die trying to achieve with my stick straight hair. I love my hair now but oh my, the hours spent trying fighting with the curling iron!

    You are beautiful Mel. Don’t sell yourself short!


  4. P.S. I cut off 17 inches of hair back in June and my hair is still past my waist. Long hair on a woman is so very pretty and honestly, when my hair was really short I thought I looked like a “pretty guy. Long hair is so versatile. I love the flexibility I have to create a style if I want too!


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