Lost and found

Hey! I found my debit card! Where? On the kitchen counter, nestled in the folds of the pool party request form that I never used. It flew out onto the floor when I sorted through the pile of papers that had been mocking me from the counter for days now. I lost that card two weeks ago, I think.

I spent this afternoon pondering my son’s football jersey, the blue one he wears for practice. Over the weekend, I heard my husband say, “Put your jersey in the laundry room” and so that’s where I looked first. I looked through the baskets of folded laundry first, thinking maybe I didn’t notice folding it. I picked through the dirty laundry, piece by piece. Twice. Three times. I looked under his bed.

I asked my son, “Where’d you put your jersey?” And he said, “In the basket in the laundry room.” It was not there, no matter how many times I looked through the basket.

No jersey. I called my husband for advice and left a message. When he called me back, I stood and wandered with the phone to the living room . . . I looked down at two unread, still rolled-up newspapers and voila! The jersey! Still dirty, but present and accounted for.

Oh! And the missing Nintendo DS? (Did I mention that back in August?) Found. Under the 10-year old’s bed.

The effort of losing and finding things is wearing me out. I am losing my mind which is hard to do considering I carry it around in my skull at all times.

6 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Hey Melodee,
    New reader here. But I so relate to this post! Just a couple weeks ago I found my VISA card after losing it for about a month.

    In the past I would’ve panicked and cancelled it, but this time I knew that it was here in the house SOMEWHERE. So I waited. And sure enough, I eventually decided to put on the shorts I’d been wearing the day it disappeared, and behold, it was in the pocket. (I KNOW I searched those &*$# shorts too!) Sigh.


  2. i seem to be good at losing things to these days, including my mind!! i think its mostly because i not only have to keep track of my own stuff, but i seem to be constantly bombarded with…”mom where’s my…” or …”Honey, where did i put my…”. ugh it’s never ending i tell you. glad you found your debit card, that’s pretty important!!


  3. I am so tired of being the household “finder” for everything. Seriously. Took my 9 year old shopping for a new game for her DS a couple of weekends ago as a reward that she had earned for doing extra chores. Bought the game, came home, DS is missing. Found it two weeks later in a box of rain boots. Why?


  4. Once my gameboy was lost for a year. I found it at the bottom of a basket of clean laundry. At least it was clean. Can you please come to my house and find my wallet? It has been missing for almost 3 months. I checked all the laundry baskets already.


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