Spending solitude

My 10-year old and husband were at football practice. My teenagers went to their friends’ house for the night. My 6-year old daughter invited herself over to the neighbor’s house to play for an hour.

I was alone! In my house! My dream come true (funny how your dreams change as you age). . .

. . . and so what did I do with this precious time?

I put away four loads of laundry and ironed four pairs of pants for my husband. I ate a salad for dinner while watching politics on television. And then suddenly I was no longer alone. Drat.

8 thoughts on “Spending solitude

  1. Sometimes the best part of being alone is it makes the normally unbearable tasks bearable. They seem easier because there is no one to “help” you, or potentially interrupt you. There is no one to undo your work as you are doing it, and no one busy making more work for you. I enjoy shopping without my kids, even though shopping with them is not bad. I like having time to read birthday cards without someone stepping on the bread!


  2. alone time is such a precious commodity and so hard to come by with husband and children. now that H is back in school and with C working, i am blessed to be at home with just myself most of they day from 8am til about 2:30pm. i try to get my “chores” done first thing in the morning and spend the rest of the day doing whatever i want…blogging, checking e-mail, doing online jobs and just enjoying my alone time.


  3. I hear ya. I actually enjoy cleaning the house when it is empty. Don’t like to do it at all with kids underfoot and husbands music blaring from his computer.


  4. My favorite home alone activity: mop the kitchen floor. And stare at it in all of its cleanly glory until someone comes home to foul it. Yes, simple pleasures.


  5. Changing dreams… as in how you suddenly find yourself fantasizing about kitchen appliances? Gah.

    I would love to spend that time with a book, in a bubble bath, or sleeping…usually it’s with the laundry, dishes, or some other cleaning task.


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