The end of the first week

Ah, my work-week, the official one that results in a paycheck, has ended.  And so, the laundry is piled up (clean and folded, mostly, except for the towels), the family room floor needs to be vacuumed and I am wiped out.

But tomorrow I’m taking my daughter garage-saling.  (Normal I am opposed to nouning verbs . . ha ha, I mean, turning nouns into verbs, but is there a better, more concise way to express going to garage sales than “garage saling”?)  Anyway, off we go to search through other people’s discards for treasures while my husband takes my 10-year old to his football game.  (Is it bad that I don’t go to all his football games?  Don’t answer.  Somehow, I feel no guilt about that.)

Now that school has started, the weather has turned astonishingly gorgeous.  September in the Pacific Northwest makes up for January.  And February.

My daughter seems to like kindergarten, aside from the fact that she is STARVING to death.  She eats breakfat, but despite the mid-morning snack, when I pick her up she says, “I don’t like school.”  And I say, “Why?” and she says, “Because I am so hungry!”  Clearly, we need to beef up her breakfast.  Literally.  Maybe I should broil a steak to go with her whole-wheat waffle.  Okay, maybe just a piece of string cheese.

5 thoughts on “The end of the first week

  1. Yes, we’re getting beautiful summer weather today, whereas I took 30 people camping in 50-degree rain for Labor Day weekend. Got to love the PNW. Did some garage saling myself today. I hope you find as many treasures as we did : )


  2. We had a garage sale here yesterday. And it wiped me out! Energy-wise, not junk-wise. We still have a lot of junk. So much that we’re having another sale in 3 weeks. After that, all the remaining baby clothes and other paraphenalia of kids under 5 will be going to donation land. Maybe I’ll see it again at the thrift shop when I go treasure-hunting. I just need to remember not to buy back my own junk! Ha ha!


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