Stream of almost unconsciousness

It’s so dumb that I am awake, randomly cruising blogs when it’s almost 1 a.m. But this is just about the first quiet moment I’ve had today. On Friday we’re leaving for a week at the ocean which means that I have lists scrolling in my head: spaghetti sauce, tacos, sloppy joes, grapes, strawberries–don’t forget stuff for s’mores . . . beach chairs, towels–is that striped one still at my mom’s house, let me call her . . . what book shall I take to read? Maybe A Prayer for Owen Meany, I’ve been meaning to reread that, or maybe that other Mark Helprin book . . .

And laundry . . . if I wash everything, packing will be easy . . . wonder where that other duffle bag is? I need to find a flashlight to look under the bed . . . don’t forget laundry detergent . . . I wonder if the oven will get fixed before dinner tomorrow and if those pizzas from Papa Murphy’s will make it another day . . . I need to vacuum and scrub toilets before we go. Is there enough kitty litter to change the boxes? Oh, which reminds me, I need to give Swimmy the Beta fish clean water and some food . . . sure hope I don’t catch Grace’s cold.

Why does it take so much preparation to go away?

And then when you get back, you need another week to recover. . . .what’s that about?

9 thoughts on “Stream of almost unconsciousness

  1. My dad loved to just drive and drive and drive on vacation. My mom used to look more exhausted when she got home from vacation than she’d looked when they left. I think she would’ve understood your sentiments exactly.


  2. Whenever I leave on vacation the number one question is “what book shall I take?”

    I just discovered Mark Helprin this summer and I am flat out intrigued by his writing. I’ve read Pacific and Other Short Stories; and right now I am reading Soldier of the Great War until my head starts nodding on my pillow and drool dribbles down my chin. But when I wake in the middle of the night for my potty I take Soldier with me and get in a few more pages. A Winter’s Tale on CD is on my counter.

    So I’m curious about what you’ve read and what you are considering.


  3. Oh, BTW, two summers ago you inspired me to eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I have converted my family (I add blueberries) and it has helped considerably in the grocery budget. It may be helping my insides too, but eating oatmeal is obviously not the only key to losing weight. I’m following your struggle with interest and commiseration. I’ve lost and gained. I’m rooting for you, Tiger!


  4. Back in 2000, we took our 2 and 5 year olds to So. Cal for the dreaded, er, I mean dreamy vacation to Disneyland. I could not wait to get back. It wasn’t worth it. The Happiest Place on Earth my butt!! I couldn’t wait to get home.

    Fast Forward to last year, we took those 2 same girls to Kauai with us for 2 weeks. It was the BEST vacation ever!!! For reals!! The difference?? Besides the obvious difference between yucky So Cal and Kauai, they did their own packing, lugging around of luggage and stuff, unpacking when we got back and then helped with laundry.

    I was so ready to be home when we went to So Cal.
    They had to drag me on the plane to go home from Kauai.

    The place of destination HAS to be worth all the work involved.


  5. “It’s so dumb that I am awake, randomly cruising blogs when it’s almost 1 a.m.”

    Hey, not so dumb, that’s what I’m doing right now and it’s how I found your blog, “Northwest neighbor.” Have a great vacay.


  6. I’ll be back in two days from our month on the road… I spend the last day on the road with the lists running through my head. Switching my mind from vacation mode back to home mode. I’m hoping to be recovered from vacation by the time school starts in two weeks!

    Have fun at the beach!


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