Today we attended Mars Hill for the second time.  The kids are still quite resistant, but this time, we bribed them with lunch afterward at Dick’s Drive-In, a famous Seattle fast-food place where they make burgers, fries (from real potatoes, as you watch) and old-fashioned milk shakes.  Aside from a little difficulty with directions  (we will not go into that), the day was a success.

For the record, our teenagers will still be attending youth group locally.  And our children went to VBS at our (former) church last week.  Mars Hill may very well be our “interim” church as driving an hour each Sunday morning may get to be too much, but you never know.  Meanwhile, I want to make our drive to Seattle each Sunday worthwhile and so, next week, I would like to drag the kids to the Woodland Park Zoo.

* * *

My daughter and I spent the afternoon at my mother’s house, sitting on her front porch.  Grace and her cousin picked blueberries from the newly discovered bush while my mother and I chatted.  We’d had such perfect weather and the view from her porch of the Puget Sound is so lovely.  My mother has a vast bounty of junk food, so the kids ate Oreos, jelly-beans, Pringles snack-sticks and washed it all down with cans of lemonade.

And then, I took Grace and her cousin to swim.  The teenagers and my 10-year old stayed home, playing video games all afternoon.  They have no idea that they just squandered a perfect, beautiful summer day that they will never get back.  When you’re a kid, the string of sunny blue days seem infinite–but I know better.  I know that we will never get this perfect summer day back with its gentle breeze as the sun set.  They will never see the golden slant of sunlight on their sister’s five year old face.  Blink.  It’s gone.

But they sure made a lot of progress beating that Nintendo GameCube game.  (Oh, and my husband napped the day away.  And the 10-year old was conserving his energy for football practice tonight.)

10 thoughts on “Sum-sum-summertime

  1. speaking of junk food, my friend…have you tried the new, mocha flavored, premium, m&m’s??? oh…my…goodness….sigh.


  2. i like what you said about never getting the summer afternoon back. i have to keep that in mind when i just want my kids to stay in so they don’t get dirty or i have to slather on the sunscreen.


  3. Your summer day sounds just perfect.

    Ours isn’t the same at all, but it is still really nice having the unstructured summer time. I wish it wasn’t flying by so quickly.


  4. wow, i haven’t been keeping up and now you’re no longer a pastor’s wife!! how about that! and, oh! the woodland park zoo!!! ah!!


  5. Mars Hill and Woodland Park are both very very close to our old Seattle house. Even though I’m happy in Vancouver, this post makes me wish I were still there so I could meet you at the zoo with my kid after church.

    If, er, that doesn’t sound too stalkerish or anything.


  6. Great to see your blog! I am a pastor’s wife in Seattle…Overlake Christian Church…..we’d love to have you come by so you don’t have to drive so dang far…

    Love your posts!


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