Where’s Waldo?

Tonight, at 10:15 p.m., I telephoned my neighbor down the street to ask her to send my boys home.

A bit later, the doorbell rang.  Her son was at my door asking if I found the boys yet.  “They didn’t come out with me,” he said.

That’s when I realized they must be upstairs, quietly playing the Nintendo Wii with their younger brother.

Way to keep track of the kids.

Tomorrow is the last day of Vacation Bible School at church.  The kids have all gone every day–the teenagers have helped and the younger two have participated and everyone seems to have had a great time.  I know I’ve had a great time having the house to myself for almost three hours each morning.

That’s something I could get used to.  (And next fall my baby girl goes off to kindergarten . . . I know I should feel nostalgic, but at the moment, all I feel is happy anticipation.  I will cry later.)

6 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. I can completely relate! My youngest goes off to kindergarten in the fall too, and I am counting the days… I’ll feel sad, yes, like when my oldest went, but she such a high energy girl, the quiet is nice. (and lets me be productive!) 🙂


  2. I think I did a happy dance when I dropped my younger child off at Kindergarten the first day. Those afternoons alone – we have/had half-day Kindergarten then – were BLISS!


  3. My twin girls start kindergarten in the fall also and I CANNOT WAIT! I sometimes feel like I should feel guilty about being so excited for them to go, but then I just can’t. Oh well, I make myself feel beter about it by reminding myself that they are excited too.


  4. I cried. But only on that first day.

    And, when he was a senior in high school I left the very last parent/teacher conference with such glee that I drew stares from other parents and teachers.

    I walked through the hall repeating over and over to no one in particular, “I will NEVER have to do this again! NEVER!”

    It STILL makes me giddy!


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