Tuesday Fun

The kids are going to Vacation Bible School this week–and I am not in charge for the first time in six years.  Believe me, it’s odd being one of those mothers who signs in her kids and then walks out footloose and fancy-free.  I squandered my free time cleaning my house and packing a picnic lunch.

I picked up the kids at 12:03 p.m. (my son was on the phone, calling me because I was “late”).  We picnicked at the grassy park overlooking the Puget Sound.  The weather could not have been more lovely.  The children were even sweet, raving over the sandwiches (sliced leftover chicken breast, bacon and cheese).  My 10-year old wanted to see the local town museum, but it was closed.  Instead, I took the teenagers (aka Party Poopers) home.  The littler kids changed into swimsuits and we went to our town beach.

Grace sampled all the activities: climbed the playground equipment, swang on the swing, and then settled on throwing rocks into the Puget Sound and collecting crabs into a purple Easter bucket.  Zach spent all his time turning over rocks in his quest to find crabs.  He waded into the cold water a bit, too.  Grace got her Converse high tops wet, then wanted them off (against my judgment), then wanted them back on her sandy feet.  The beach is rocky, full of barnacles and hard on the feet.  She learned that the hard way.

After two hours at the beach, we headed directly to the pool where they swam for another two and a half hours.

When we returned home, the house appeared to be in the very same condition it was in the morning–before I spent two hours cleaning up.  Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but the boys had snacked and left a mess in the kitchen and devoured more than their share of the packs of M&Ms that I bought to put into the pool bag.  And then they discarded the wrappers on the floor.  I was not happy.

Also, I was very tired after the day full of fun.

(As an aside: I am currently reading John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  I’ve never read it before.)

I ironed a bunch of pairs of pants for my husband, then worked for four hours.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be asleep by 1:00 a.m.

And sadly, tomorrow I begin work at 8 a.m. and will put in 12 hours on the computer before my day is done at midnight tomorrow night.  (Three separate shifts.)

But, boy, did we have fun today!   Why is having fun so exhausting when you’re the one in charge of packing the picnic, driving the car and keeping watch?

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Fun

  1. That’s a good question… why does the fun have to be so exhausting?

    Sounds like a good day. We have our VBS next week and I’m running the preschool class again. Lots of work but fun. Again, the exhausting fun… 🙂

    I used to live in Salinas, CA. They have a great Steinbeck museum if you ever happen to be passing through.


  2. “East of Eden” was one of my favorite books ever! I read it for the first time around 25 years ago, then again maybe 15 years ago. I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I did. And going for walks with a 2-yr-old in hand is very exhausting, too, ha!


  3. I enjoyed East of Eden, too. I read it about 3 years ago – it took me awhile, but I really enjoyed it. Pieces of it stick with me today, unlike some other books that are gone from my mind the minute I close it after reading the last paragraph….


  4. This fun stuff is exhausting! I was shattered after having my niece over for e sleepover and then taking her with my boys to the Planetarium.


  5. I haven’t read that book since high school – I might need to revisit it.

    Ugh about the wrappers and M&M’s being on the floor. Did you string the boys up by their toenails in the shower? That’s always my inclination. 🙂


  6. Hello there! I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now and really enjoy your posts! I came out of hiding to tell you that “East of Eden” is one of my favorite Steinbeck books! Hope you enjoy it!


  7. I read East of Eden when Oprah had it for a book of the month (am I remembering that correctly?) A wonderful book.

    My son is going to school up near you. I hope to visit him soon. When we dropped him off we weren’t able to get more than a few glimpses of Puget Sound. How lucky for you thatyou live in such a gorgeous spot!


  8. I loved East of Eden! It has been awhile since I have read it so now I am thinking I should read it again. Steinbeck is one of my very favorite authors.


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