What’s it like, Mel?

I’m glad you asked.

It’s like this: I’m the Sherpa and my teenaged boys are the ill-prepared tourists with a dream of climbing Mt. Everest. I’m dragging them along, roped to them, and they are dead weight. And I’m trudging up, bearing their unwieldy bulk, pulling them up vertical slopes but not because they care anymore. Oh, no. I’m doing it because I care, because I am determined to get them to the summit. I’m doing it because it’s my job. They gasp for air, they stumble along and I strain to get us all up, up, up to the top. We will not give up.

And when we reach the top? I’m thinking about pushing them over the precipice and parachuting 24,000 feet to the valley below, free at last.

Okay, not that last part. But the Sherpa part? That is what homeschooling reluctant students in June is like. Grueling. Thankless. And almost over. Two finals stand between us and freedom.

7 thoughts on “What’s it like, Mel?

  1. I KNEW what you were referring to at the 3rd line. Except I would say that is homeschooling any time of the year. (For some of my kids at least.) Hilarious post.

    Mary, fellow sufferer (er..homeschooling mom)


  2. Bwahahahahaha! I so like the idea of pushing ’em over the side. I know how ot feels even though I did not homeschool. Or do not. It seems like an endless journey some days. 🙂


  3. sooooo glad school is out here…and did i ever tell you on our lovely jaunt to the big apple that i love to watch ‘everest…to the limit’ on the discovery channel??? all your sherpa talk has me itching for the new season!


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