It’s alive!

My computer still lives.

Which is very strange.

However, I am grateful for each moment it still breathes.

Oh, here’s a funny thing.  I taught my daughter how to turn on the shower (two cranks of the hot water knob, one crank of the cold water knob for the perfect temperature) and now she’s Miss Independent.  She took four showers today, two of them without bothering to ask me.

(Shhhh, don’t tell the water conservation people.  If you do tattle, be sure to mention that sometimes we drive recreationally, too!)

7 thoughts on “It’s alive!

  1. My youngest can shower four times a day also. I can get a LOT of stuff done while he is showering.

    Water conservation? It rained all day yesterday and it starting early today.


  2. Get a MacBook (with all of your disposable income.) Also, I’m so glad to hear your 5yo is showering alone b/c my 4yo still wants to get in with me and I keep wondering when this will end. Apparently the answer is, “all too soon.”


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