His two front teeth

My son knocked at the front door at 9:30 p.m. Friday night.  I opened the door and turned back to the kitchen without looking at him. “Mom.  Mom,” he said, “It’s bad.”

I peered at him in the dark entryway.  His chin, nose and mouth were bloodied.

“What happened?”

He fell while playing basketball, tripping over a big chunk of nothing, and then another kid landed on his head, smashing his face into the street.

His front teeth were loosened.  This fact made me see dollar signs, seven thousand dollar signs’ worth of fake teeth.  Instead of screaming, I got out an ice tray to fix him a little pack.
His teeth did not fall out and now, only a few days later, he is healing quite nicely.

Meanwhile, my kids are passing cold germs from one to another.  My daughter is mad at her 10-year old brother for giving her his cold.  She’s feverish and has a cough and she is not pleased.
I can only be thankful that she is five and doesn’t require around-the-clock pampering when she’s sick.

I am thankful that my son retains his teeth.

10 thoughts on “His two front teeth

  1. I have a niece who fell on a patch of ice and knocked out her two front teeth when she was 4. I think it was rather distressing for her to have people say, “What? You’re only 4? But you’ve already lost your two front teeth!” I’m pretty sure she eventually just started saying, “Yeah, I have.” But, now she is 7, and her adult teeth are fully grown in and quite lovely.

    Glad your son didn’t have to get brand new fake teeth.


  2. Hey wheres the link to your diet blog? I always come here and then click over cause I thought somehow you made money on the clicks to that blog. Of course that probably ended when you left Clubmom but still…I dont see a link. Help!!!

    Okay I’ll recover. Glad to hear your sons okay! Thats would be so scary!


  3. Wow. Very glad to know his teeth remained in his head. I’m with suburban on that: teeth must remain intact! Leg, arm, skull… no big deal. Teeth, big deal!


  4. Blessings I counted in your post:

    1. Front tooth number one
    2. Front tooth number two
    3. A single chin with no cracks in it
    4. A Nose pointing the right direction
    5. A kid that still comes running to his mommy when he’s hurt bad
    6. The ability to put things into perspective like you can

    Love your frankness! You’re awesome.


  5. Ouch! Teeth can be expensive in time and $$$. My friend (a first grade teacher) was nicknamed “Chip” in high school when one of her front teeth got broken off during a sporting event. She has a fake one, but she’ll never forget it. Good that your son kept his!


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