The drama continues

Let’s review.

Yesterday I wrote a weeping post about saying a premature good-bye to my childhood a full 31 year ago.

The day before, I recounted backing into a car at my child’s school.

So what do you think I can say today to match the drama and pathos of the prior days? Anyone?

***I’ll give you five seconds to think***





I had to pick up my teenagers from the YMCA at noon. The problem was that this task fell during my work-shift. And my husband was still out of town. I signed on to the computer at 11:15 a.m., forty-five minutes before my shift began, instant-messaged my supervisor to tell her I’d be putting in time earlier so I could leave for a bit to pick up my kids. She pointed out how nice it might have been if only I had given her warning so she could have someone covering my shift and I apologized for the collapse of my brain and blamed it on the absence of my husband.

And then, as we chatted, I realized that my shift actually started at 11 a.m., not noon, and that I was actually fifteen minutes late, not forty-five minutes early. I’ve had this shift for months, but for some reason today I was convinced that my shift was from noon until 5 p.m.

At noon, off I drove with two 5-year olds in the back, safely buckled into booster seats. I was in a huge rush–I needed to pick up the boys and get the little guy delivered to kindergarten by 12:30 p.m. I thought I’d stop at McDonald’s on the way to feed everyone a quick, on-the-run lunch. This plan depended on speed and cunning.

A mile from my house, I heard that blood-curdling sound of a police siren. A glance in my rear-view mirror confirmed my fear. He was directly behind me and I knew that I was the criminal. He strolled to my window and said, “The speed limit along Rigney is 25. I clocked you going 37.”

I handed over my license, registration and proof of insurance. He warned me to stay in the car and returned to his vehicle to check to see if I had warrants out for my arrest and if I were a habitual offender. Thank God he didn’t know about my near hit-and-run two days earlier. After a few minutes, he returned, handed over my paperwork and with a wink said, “Mrs. ____, you need to slow it down.”

No ticket!

The weird thing is that on my two prior speeding tickets (over 15 years ago), both were the result of my going 37 mph in a 25 mph zone.

At least I’m consistent.

7 thoughts on “The drama continues

  1. Oh, to be so lucky. My husband wasn’t paying attention last month and was clocked going 55 in a 35 mph school zone (the “normal” speed there IS 55, I promise)…how he missed those flashing yellow lights, I’ll never know. But we got stuck with a nice $300 fine.

    Glad you were able to get away with a wink and a smile. 🙂


  2. Wow…it has been a long time. It might take me a minute to catch up with you properly. What work are you doing that you have “shifts” now? I will read for awhile, and see what you have been up to….:)

    Awesome that you didn’t get a ticket!


  3. Oh good grief. Maybe you should take to your bed until the curse wears off. I really hate being late and if I get the time wrong it really bugs me.

    I’ll say a prayer for you. 🙂


  4. Lucky. I got nailed for rolling through a stop sign on my way to pick up my kid. $242 bucks. You can bet I’ll never do that again.


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