So very very tired

My husband told me yesterday that a handy-man friend of ours would be by this morning to look at the boys’ room. He’s going to build some platform beds or something to solve our dilemma in that room. The boys have bunk beds, but the top bed is too short for our increasingly tall son and the bottom bed no longer has a frame since that boy broke not one, but two frames. The tallest boy chooses to sleep on the floor rather than the top bunk.

The boys and all their neighborhood friends spend their time playing video games and watching television in that room–we put an old hide-a-bed couch in there which is now stained and disgusting, but sturdy and that works for me. But when I open the door into that vast cave, I shudder. I half expect bats to wing their way into my hair. No matter how much I vacuum, the floor looks like a street after a parade.

So, despite my bedtime last night (1 a.m.!), I wearily rose from bed at 8:00 a.m. and showered. I cleaned up the kitchen, folded two loads of laundry, picked up the living room and the phone rang. Oh, it was a misunderstanding–no one is coming over at all.

I should be grateful to be awake and in my right mind at this hour, yet I’m thinking seriously about a nap.

6 thoughts on “So very very tired

  1. You sound like I did those last couple of weeks after my last hemorrhage when I had to dig into reserves I didn’t even know I had to dredge up the energy to finish out taking care of my grandson before my d-i-l went on maternity leave. I had never been so completely wiped out in my life. Funny thing is, I KNEW I was tired…but didn’t realize just HOW tired until after my surgery. Usually I’m a go-go-go person without the sense to stop but this ‘enforced’ rest is probably the best thing in the world to ever happen to me. So…even dark clouds have silver linings lurking in them somewhere. I never would have thought major surgery would be the antidote! I feel like a broken record ‘coz it seems like I keep telling you “This too shall pass”, but it will, Mel. It will. In the meantime, you’re in my prayers. ((((((HUG)))))


  2. I hate it when that happens. I couple weeks ago I thought there was a Primary talent show for children at the church. I tore my toddler out of bed and loaded everybody in the car.

    When we got to the church not a soul was there. The talent show was the following day and I had to do it all again. Arg.

    I feel for you.


  3. Ya know a mattress on the floor is not horrible. Japanese people do it everyday only instead of a mattress they use a Tatami mat.
    So rest guilt free mom.


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