Staying alive

My jet-setting to New York and California has left me befuddled. I can’t quite catch my breath, nor mop my kitchen floor. My tax paperwork sits on the counter while it should be at the post office.

The children have no sympathy for my angst. They want me to help them with their schoolwork and to create a delicious dinner plan every night. I find wet towels on their bedrooms floors. They cannot understand my crabby impatience. I hardly understand it myself, even though I know myself so well. A lack of solitude has sucked me dry.

Friday will be my grandma’s funeral. Saturday my 10-year old son participates in a Science Fair. Sundays are always busy and then another week begins. Do you see how I am already preoccupied with next week? That’s because this week is already jammed full with work and school-at-home and the regular stuff that crowds into a family.

And soon, April will arrive, all bright and shiny, and then, my twins will turn 15. They are already counting down the days.

How is that possible?

14 thoughts on “Staying alive

  1. The passing of time – and how quickly it does, just amazes and scares me – all in one! My oldest will be 28 this year, and my youngest will be 15 – what happened? And how is it possible that my granddaughter is turning 2 in August? She was just born it seems. My mind is already a month and a half ahead of itself – I need to rein (reign?) myself back in and enjoy each day for what it is – a day in my life – one that I will never be able to retrieve once it’s gone.


  2. On the rare occasion that I get to take a trip without kids, it seems like there’s that adjustment period when I get home and it always slams me. I think I should be all refreshed and ready to “take them on” again. But the wet towels alone are enough to send me through the roof.

    My oldest left for college in January, my “middle child” will be 15 and getting his learner’s permit this May. And my baby is 11 — when did all of this happen? Happy Meals and MOPS groups are just a distant memory, and they used to be a mainstay in our lives.


  3. I know this feeling of the week being over already because you’re already booked out for at least ten days in advance. But then, as you know, we can only live here and now, and thinking of next week won’t make it come faster.

    I recommend sitting down for a minute with a cup of tea. Or taking a short walk outside.


  4. It’s hard when I look ahead and don’t see any “me-time” built in. Or, with the kids getting older, we’re flexing our wings and wanting to fly; yet we still have that same old job of dealing with meals and wet towels and schoolwork. You have a foot in both worlds and (although it is fun) it is making it a little harder.


  5. Days like these are tough. So much to do not enough time to even process all the changes…I hope you are able to make some time for yourself to just be. By the way, I added you to my blogroll and bloglined your site. I’ve been lurking for several weeks now and enjoy it.


  6. Yes, thank you for the sidebar shoutout! The muddy picture is way cool. I don’t want the time to fly (but actually I carried a kicking screaming snot-flying toddler out of the zoo today – so not fun).


  7. Somehow the time flies by, doesn’t it. It’s hard for me to believe my oldest would have been 52 this June and my “baby” is 35.

    My oldest great-grandchild is the age of your twins and Happy Birthday to them, by the way.

    In the midst of all the commotion and the sadness, take a moment or two for yourself if you can.

    Of course you already know that.


  8. Mel, you are a superwoman! I love the line “A lack of solitude has sucked me dry.” It bests describes so many moments in all our lives.


  9. I have come to the conclusion that the older we get, the faster time goes by. My grandbaby will be 5 this year and my baby will be 26. It doesn’t seem that I’ve even been on this planet for that long!


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