From the Redwood forest . . .

I remembered to bring my underpants.  And my contact lens solution and a pair of walking shoes.  I have a purse full of pens that I like.  My room is better this year than last–even though it’s “economy” and last year I paid for “deluxe.”  The trees are pink with blossoms, the daffodils are in full bloom, the trees have leaves and the sky was blue.

I came early to avoid the headache that would result from traveling in the morning in order to arrive by noon.  I arrived at the airport with time to spare, the flight was smooth, the shuttle efficient.  What more could a girl ask for?

Well, how about a television in my room?  I fear I will be unable to sleep in the utter silence.  I brought my brand new teeny tiny iPod which might help.  Tomorrow, the sessions don’t start until 3 p.m., so I will have the bulk of the day to relax and visit the Redwood park which is nearby.

Meanwhile, I left my husband at home to cope with our four kids . . . my daughter and her friend had a fun time this morning.  They stripped her bed so they could jump on it while holding a rather large water balloon.  Anyone want to guess what happened?  Oh yes, an exploded water balloon on the bed, on my daughter and on all the bedding.   I solved that  problem by covering the bed with bath towels so that when they jumped, they’d soak up some waters.

(Now there is a mothering tip you will not read in any magazine.)

My husband is super busy this weekend–he teaches a college class tonight, has a wedding rehearsal tomorrow and a wedding on Saturday.  I think someone else is preaching on Sunday.  I feel terrible for leaving him in the lurch, but he is so kind and supportive that he kept telling me not to feel guilty, to go and have fun and that I deserve to be here.

I sure picked a good one.

All right.  Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  Coming live from the Redwood forest . . . good-night everybody!

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