Day One in New York

Packing and leaving at midnight turns out to be a rather peaceful way to travel.  However, trying to sleep on an airplane with a non-reclining seat is less than restful. I think I slept for three hours, in fits and spurts.  I awoke at 4 a.m. to find myself covered in tiny downy feathers which had escaped as I tortured my full-sized pillow in an effort to sleep.  And nothing says “fashionable and grown-up” like black clothing covered with white fuzzy feathers.

A car service picked me up at 8:30 a.m. and delivered me to my hotel by 9:30 a.m. . . . at which point the woman at the front desk asked me how I intended to pay.  I said, “Uh, my company is paying.”  She insisted she need a Letter of Authorization.  I telephoned my company contact person who said she’d be right over to make everything right.

Of course, I had hoped to make a first impression that did not involve smeary eyeliner and teeny feathers on my clothes.  A girl can dream.

I did clean up and change clothes and then headed off to the office.  Elizabeth showed me how to get a MetroCard and now I’m practically an expert at riding the subway.  I worked until three (at which point my head actually exploded in an uncaffeinated display of terror).  Then I came back to the hotel and waited for my friend to arrive.

She was here by 4 p.m. and off we went.  We took the subway uptown, grabbed a quick bite to eat, walked around Times Square snapping pictures and then took a Night Tour of the city by a Grayline bus.  Afterward, the tour director on the bus walked us to the subway and escorted us halfway to our destination, all while giving us tips for our remaining days.

We returned to our hotel, walked up the street and had some dinner.

And so ends my first day in New York City.  I still cannot believe I’m here.

8 thoughts on “Day One in New York

  1. Be safe & have fun
    I think we all have a distorted view of our own bodies. Its knida like our voice you know, the way we hear it in our head is not the way it sounds in our ears from a recorder and there is no way to know how it sounds to others.
    From the inside out we see ourselves as a whole. It is made up of what we feel, what our brain has experienced of us. What it has experienced of others. Basically it is all one thing to the brain, feelings, thoughts, sights, and sounds the past and future.


  2. If you can and you like steak, try and get a reservation to the Palm One on 2nd Ave. If not there is the Palm 2 across the street. Great food and atmosphere.


  3. Ohmigoodness, I go off to do some grandbaby visiting and in the meantime off you go to New York!! Very cool, even if it is business related. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures when you get back 🙂

    Tammy ~@~


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