New York, New York

I thought I’d post a quick entry here tonight and yet I have very little to report. Working full-time, even from home, even from my computer in the midst of my household, still feels like work. The downside? My housework is neglected. And I can’t seem to get a decent dinner on the table. The upside? A paycheck! Oh, and I do actually like the work. That’s a plus.

My husband had an eventful week. He had a wisdom tooth pulled on Wednesday morning and despite my dire warnings–I’d had a molar pulled last summer and it was grim and unpleasant–he had no pain, no residual effects whatsoever. I felt stupidly defensive, as if my reaction to a similar situation (gloom and despair) was irrational.

I surprised my husband with a new iPhone for Valentine’s Day. Normally, I barely notice Valentine’s Day, let alone participate in it, but this year I needed to make up for a dismal performance at Christmas. (We always agree: let’s not go crazy at Christmas–“don’t get me anything,” we say–and then he always GETS ME SOMETHING while I have clung to the original agreement.)

Anyway, my fortysomething husband is now all hip and happening and able to receive and send text messages–imagine that! (We are woefully behind the times.) The iPhone inspires awe.

He shocked me by buying me a cool little digital camera, an improvement over my current digital camera which has become quirky (ie. refuses to work from time to time even with fresh batteries installed). This camera will come in handy when I fly to New York City in ten days. Oh, hadn’t I mentioned that? I’m flying to the corporate office on business.

Now, the very thought that I–a housewife with a favorite pair of slippers that I wear all day, every day–will be jetting off to New York on business–cracks me up. My initial concern was that everyone in New York would mock my purse, but I have been comforted–and gifted with a new purse–and now I worry only about finding cheap tickets to a Broadway show.

Any suggestions?

You never know where life will take you. I never thought it would take me to Manhattan on business. Now, tell me, if you were flying at midnight, arriving at 8 a.m. in New York City, what would you wear during the flight?

14 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. You will have a great time!
    Shows….Can’t go wrong with Les Mis or Phantom, we have been to London a few times recently and have loved – Lion King, Mary Poppins and Sound of Music(but without your kids you should do adult and not kid theme) Mama Mia was a lot of fun and last time we saw Wicked. I would recommend any of the above titles.
    On the plane…do comfy as you will want to sleep as much as possible (we live in Europe and do the night flight home to Europe a few times/year)non wrinkly pants, sweater and a jacket that can go above, but makes you look put together when you arrive. Comfy, walkable shoes (but not slippers) are a must as well.


  2. Oh wow that sounds like so much fun! I want to see Mama Mia, I love ABBA. Wicked is playing here in Chicago still, and I want to see that too. Have a blast Mel!


  3. I would want to see Spamalot, but I think you’d have to be a Monty Python fan already to appreciate it.

    I’m not the one to give travel clothing advice since I’ve never even flown. πŸ™‚ But, my instinct would be to go for something knit and comfy in black. Maybe something with a touch of lycra so it doesn’t get saggy and wrinkled. Soft knit pants, turtleneck, jacket, some black Merrell mary janes. And an amazing high-impact accessory piece (scarf, necklace, earrings?) to put a jolt of color by your face so you feel perkier in the morning.


  4. First, on the question of airware, I think Beth’s idea sounds great (though I’m so out of fashion I don’t know what black Merrell mary janes are!? will google), but if you don’t have a meeting right away, I’d go as far as a “cute” pair of sweats and a comfortable sweatshirt ensemble (cute=no holes or stains, correct length and general fit, i.e. not your husband’s, which are my favorites to lounge in.) And I’ve been there with the “let’s not buy anything for each other” for the’s gets to be such a spiral that we both started to get too much because we’re always expecting the other will ignore the rule, as well. So the new rule is a dollar amount….which keeps getting surpassed. But we keep resetting it lower, so it’s working out OK.


  5. “Wicked”. Definitely. The premise is so clever and the music is soaring and memorable. Le Miz is powerful too.

    For long flights, I wear nylon running gear with a long sleeve lightweight top underneath. Comfy and perfect for those moments when you want to sprint back and forth to the lovely airplane bathroom. I wear “furry” suede clogs or roomy sneakers. An extra clean pair of socks to change into when you land-it makes your swollen feet feel refreshed. I always bring my pillow.
    ( with an extra pillow case in your baggage–plane germs are not something I want following me through your journey ** blech** ) A LITTLE sedative doesn’t hurt either, especially on a red eye. You will thank me.

    Is there any forgiveness in your heart for me? How I wish I could meet you there….we could shop “by committee” and explore the best lipstick counters in the world. Next time. I promise.


  6. I am so with Lisalouise on this one. I do almost the exact same thing on a Redeye flight. And I always take at least 1 tylenol PM. Its relaxing and I sleep but I feel great the next day until I can rest again.


  7. Let’s see, wear something comfortable and have a sweater or sweatshirt handy in case it gets cool on the plane.

    As far as tickets, there is There are ticket outlets that you can see if you can get tickets an hour or so before the show that are at a reduced price. Probably won’t be able to get tickets to the more popular ones though.

    I am so jealous, I want to go back to New York! Would you put me in your suitcase?


  8. I love Judy’s idea…….Definitely do this and let us know which day so we can look for you!! πŸ™‚ I’ll wave back too!!! Have a great trip……..


  9. okay, so everyone’s suggested fashion idea’s crack me up…i have a friend here who has said some of the exact same things! and no…you never know where you will go one day…or who you will meet up with for the first time in what seems like an eternity, do you?! =)


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