Just so you know . . . working eleven hours (on the computer) in one day will make your knees ache.  You will long for sleep with the intensity of a nursing mother who has a newborn.  Eleven.

That’s why I don’t have time (yet) to tell you about going to Seattle with my friends (dear, dear friends).  I went, I ate, I slept, I laughed, I talked, I listened, I shopped and I bought a lipstick which holds great promise (could it be The Perfect Lipstick?).  And then I landed with a thud back into my regular life, got right to work, washed a load of dishes and never really stopped to breathe (or download a photo or two from my digital camera to illustrate the post I haven’t written about going to Seattle).

Tomorrow is normally an easy day for me (five hours of work), but for various reasons I will be working ten hours.

It’s another case of being so close (to the computer), but so far away (from the blog).  Alas.

4 thoughts on “Work-a-holic

  1. Hmmmmmm…10 hours transcribing or 10 hours playing with my little grandson? At this stage, I’ll opt for my grandson. I think transcribing/data entry will be in my future in…oh…5 years after my newest grandson-to-be arrives in March and I see him and Dylan safely raised ’til they’re both in school. I certainly don’t make the money doing what I do, but I am richly blessed.


  2. You make me sound tired just reading about it. What kind of work are you doing? How the heck do you do it w/ four kids?!? (I commend you. I try to work from home a few hours a day and I’m pulling my hair out when the kids are awake!)


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