Searching for razor clams


We spent Friday and half of today in Long Beach, Washington, relaxing with our friends. Last night, the full moon lit our way as we hunted for the tell-tale signs of razor clams under the sand.

Although we found only six clams total, two of my kids dug up four of them and every one had a memorable time.


2 thoughts on “Searching for razor clams

  1. Many years ago, Dear Hubby, my parents, and I had dinner at a restaurant in Oysterville. While there, a total eclipse of the moon took place out over Willapa Bay, close to the horizon so it all seemed bigger than life. Some kind of a crane stood at the edge of the water in silhouette against the full moon eclipse. One of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever been privileged to see and I will never, ever forget it.


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