In lieu of drama

I’ve been wallowing in some mucky emotions. From those emotions sprung a post that made me weep, but for once, I decided to withhold the melodrama. Which leaves me with nothing but a recitation of daily events. Which may make you weep.

Can I just complain one more time about Pee-Wee football and how it sucks time right out of our family? My 9-year old only has to practice three nights a week. He has a game every Saturday morning. My husband is the former athlete in our family, the one who keeps signing up our kids for activities, so he is the one to stand in the damp cold, watching practice.

Except when he is busy, as he was Tuesday and will be tonight. I have permission, though, to drop off my son, alert another parent that I’m leaving and then pick him up later because nothing will make you want to cry like standing on the sidelines while darkness falls and your 5-year chatters and complains, “Is it over yet?” (Well, nothing except being rejected, but that melodrama is behind me.)

Tomorrow, I am leaving my family to spend forty-eight hours scrapbooking with a bunch of other escaped housewives. Oh, sure, some will be important career-minded women, but for the weekend, we’ll all be creative fools, fussing with our pictures as we adhere them to acid-free scrapbook pages. I, personally, will be reliving 2003, which, as I recall, was a fairly good year. Except I was very fat.

Oh, and get this! My husband mentioned that he’s invited over the new youth pastor and his wife, plus a military chaplain. They’ll be here Saturday night (while I am gone!) . . . which means I really need to straighten up around here and perhaps mop the floor. And maybe I’ll remove the dirty sock stuck to the fireplace. (Why, yes, that is a hole in my ceiling. Thank you for noticing.)

13 thoughts on “In lieu of drama

  1. I can complain with you and one up you. I have three boys on three different teams (Jr. pee-wee, pee-wee, and Jr. Midget). Three games every SATURDAY. I wish I could tell you they were in a row, but alas there is a game in the middle that does not have a child in it, so actually I sit through four games.

    They have practice, three nights a week. But not on all the same three nights…so it ends up being every night except Wed.

    Can I weep with you. It is almost over though.


  2. Why clean up? They’ll just trash it again before the guests arrive. Do your best, go on your weekend and try not to think about who’s seeing your house.

    Sincerely, the mom with three kids who are playing in three different soccer leagues and one cross country team. I feel your pain.



  3. Hey! I think I have the mate to that sock over here!

    And, I haven’t had a kid living at home for over six months.

    As one ages, the genes that care about stuff like that begin to die off…


  4. Your photo just made me chuckle, I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the sock? Or maybe the hole? Well eitherway nice shot. I love scrapbooking, I hope you have fun!


  5. All you need is to stick a cat in there and you can have your very own ceiling cat. Have fun scrapbooking. I have not touched mine in ever so long, and wonder if I will ever go back to it.


  6. Oh, I hear you on the whole agony of watching sports practices (our current torture of choice is soccer). When it gets really bad and my husband isn’t home, I just make Katie sit in the car with me and color. It beats freezing on the sidelines listening to a bunch of 8-year-olds argue.

    And I’m soooo jealous of your scrapbooking weekend! Do enjoy. My last time was in the Spring, and I’m due for one of those very soon!!!!


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