Why I am stalled

There are 263 items in my email inbox, not counting those items which are linked together in one long Conga-line. My head aches because I need to eat and imbibe some caffeine. I haven’t even considered the urgency of the laundry pile. The Crock-Pot is full of shredded roast beef, but no sauce. The younger children are home from school already–the first of many half-days–but the teenagers didn’t drag their bodies from bed until after 11:00 a.m., so they are in the thick of schoolwork.

I have a cluttery pile of stuff near my desk, writing materials, items I’ve reviewed, a mini-library of diet books, old magazines, a “Tammy’s Family” doll from the 1950s or 1960s that someone gave my daughter at a garage sale, a couple of leather bags, and a few random toys . . . and I should deal with all this. I should also put all the sheet music back into the piano bench which I repaired a month or two ago. And I should hang up the curtain rods and new curtains in the kids’ bedrooms upstairs. (This will involve a power drill and a level and I can’t bear the thought today.)

On Saturday, I must attend a baby shower. Sunday is church, plus a funeral in the late afternoon.

At the moment, all these competing demands on my time and attention blast me like a fire hose. Run! Run away!

2 thoughts on “Why I am stalled

  1. Hi Melodee – I am in the same boat. You should see my desk!! I hope you and I get all caught up and by the time Monday comes – we’ll be all fresh and new. Have a good weekend.


  2. Sometimes when I’m in the midst of things like you just are I a) take a break first, go for a walk or something, and then b) start on my desk or in one room and put everything back and do everything immediately that takes 2 minutes or less.

    You can also do this flylady-style with a timer: Set the timer for 15 minutes, start in one room, work for 15 minutes, when the timer goes off, go to another room, work for 15 minutes, then another room, then you take a break for 15 minutes, put your feet up and think about what to do next. Repeat.

    (And you don’t have to reply to this comment by e-mail…)


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