The difference between my daughter and my sons

Today, my daughter walked into my room wearing a short-sleeved shirt (a “short-shirt”, according to her) and jeans.  She points to her shirt and demands, “Why did you put a short shirt in my long shirt drawer?”

Last week, we put a new dresser in her room and I explained where all the clothes would go.  Long sleeved shirts and long pants in separate drawers and short-sleeved shirts and shorts in another dresser altogether.

My boys have never, not once in their life, even noticed what clothes belong where.  But my daughter knows and cares.

This warms my heart.

10 thoughts on “The difference between my daughter and my sons

  1. Girls are different. My son’s clothing system is a large laundry basket–clean in basket, dirty on floor.

    Fun blog. I know we could be friends, because I, too, miss Thirty Something. Don’t you wish they would re-run it on one of the cable networks?


  2. It is nice to know that that OCD stuff (that we try so hard to hide, yet truly believe is what saves us from true insanity) is not going totally unappreciated. And it’s also nice to know that it might just help someone else (our girls) in their future. It might drive those around them crazy for a while, but they too will appreciate (when they have kids), that there is a place for everything and … everything has a place.


  3. That’s how it is here. With the exception of my third born son, who desperately wants me to get out his fall clothes and knows they are nowhere in his dresser due to the lingering warm weather in Kansas.


  4. I have one of each (the boy is oldest). Before they were born I was a very modern – girls can do what boys can do, etc – woman. Now I know that the differences are there in there DNA regardless. My son loved cars from 18 months and my little “girly girl” (despite her tom boyish mom) loves to dress up and actually wanted new shoes to go with her halloween costume.


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