Bad news and good news, according to the 5-year old

I still rock my 5-year old every night before I put her to bed. This particular night, she snuggled close to me.

“Mom,” she said, “Dad is going to die first, right?”

“Well, maybe. He is the oldest, but no one knows exactly when they’ll die.” (My husband tried to reassure her once, when she was distraught about dying, by explaining that usually older people die first. He is the oldest in our family. Thus, she concluded, he will die first.)

“And then you’ll die, too, right?”

“Maybe. No one really knows when they’ll die.”

She bit her lip, thinking about being orphaned. “When you and Daddy both die, then us kids will be able to stay up as late as we want!” She blue eyes sparkled and she grinned. “That will be awesome!”

13 thoughts on “Bad news and good news, according to the 5-year old

  1. I walked in on one of my children during teethbrushing time asking my husband, “when mom dies, can we get a cat?” (I am allergic to cats, I yelled “NO!”)


  2. FYI..wanted you to know that I clarified my post twice on your other blog and for some reason it shows me as someone else both times. Thought you’d like to know. Have a great this fall weather!


  3. Thought we were going one way, then you zagged on me and I’ve got tears in my eyes *and* I’m laughing hard enough to pee my pants. Thanks for that.


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