Ask me

Go ahead.  Ask me a nosy question.  Or ask me something that you have wondered.  Or ask me my favorite color.  (Purple.  Now you don’t need to ask.)
I’ll answer.  (Hey, I told the whole world my weight–170 at the moment–so I have nothing left to hide.)

The Nanny Diaries video

Clearly, a weekend away has left me without a single idea in my head, but remind me to tell you how beautiful the lake was up in Bellingham and about how much I adore the friends we visited there.

11 thoughts on “Ask me

  1. Do you ever have to have the last word in an argument or do you let your husband have it? Also, if you let him have it, does that make you a more virtuous wife? Just kidding on the last one – but seriously…my husband will break down each statement I make in the heat of a disagreement and compare and contrast, then alliterate his points and subpoints when making his case. Does anyone else’s husband ever do this? or is this just a preacher thing?


  2. What keeps you motivated in the dieting/healthy lifestyle game?

    What has been the most difficult age to deal with as a parent? (please, no “they’re all equally difficult in their own ways”, that answer gives me nightmares)

    Did you dislike living in Michigan as much as I do?

    Who would play you in your own version of The Preacher’s Wife? (assuming it’s not Whitney Houston)


  3. So…is there anything you regret in your parenting? Or your marriage?? Is there something you can say you’re really proud of, in your parenting? Or in your marriage?


  4. Do your kids eat what you eat or do you have to prepare separate meals for kids and adults in your household? Any suggestions for kid friendly meals?


  5. Luci Shaw, my favorite poet, and the only one whose books I pay money for, lives in Bellingham (with her second husband, John Hoyte). Did you see her while you were there? If not, why not?!


  6. If you could go back in time and be your parent’s marriage counselor (knowing what you know now), what would you advise them?

    And, what kind a wife do you invision for each of your teenage sons?


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