I’ve been tagged to post 8 random things . . . I’m pretty sure I’ve done this recently, but this is for my blogging buddy in Australia.

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1) My toenails are always polished, but my fingernails never are.

2) I am the only one who ever turns off the upstairs bathroom light. I do so at least ten times a day.

3) I never go to bed before 11 p.m. unless I’m sick.

4) I do a Google search on my friend, Lori Bumstead, regularly. We became friends in second grade, but drifted apart eventually. I still wonder whatever happened to her. (Google has been unhelpful in this quest for information.) Lori, where are you?

5) I used to write songs in college. Once I wrote one called “Dead Butterflies” which was complete nonsense.

6) Almost every one of my elementary school photographs shows me wearing orange, usually orange polyester. I have never willingly worn orange since (except for that college talent show in which I wore orange polyester and white go-go boots in a crazy humor attempt).

7) I still miss the television show “thirtysomething.”

8) I am on a never-ending quest for the perfect healthy muffin recipe. I love muffins but no one else in my family does. (What’s wrong with them.)

Consider yourself tagged if you haven’t yet done this fun little exercise. You’re it!

11 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. She probably got married and changed her name. It’s so much easier to find men from your school days because of that. In fact, my best friend from school and I recently found our old (male) school chum through google, that I had not seen in almost 20 years. Funnily enough, she only found me again a year ago herself. Although not through google, she was driving past my mum and dad’s house from when we were kids and stopped to knock on the door, and they still lived there.


  2. Try classmates.com I found an old friend on there. If you find her though, you will have to pay a small fee to be able to contact her.


  3. I was tagged for this one too but I haven’t done it yet…. 🙂

    Oh – and guys are SO MUCH EASIER to find on google since they don’t typically change their name with marriage.


  4. Try http://www.peoplesearch.com … it’s horrifying to see how much information is available (about yourself!) free of charge to anyone. You can use a maiden name and find a woman’s married name. I had the unpleasant experience of an old (unwanted) boyfriend looking me up to say hi and he told me about the site.


  5. I hope that you find your friend! And, I am the same on the toenail polish, I loved Thirtysomething way before I was thirty, and my kids nightlights would burn eternally if it was not for me! (grin)


  6. ahh! I haven’t read you in awhile and I forgot how much you make me smile! I too regularly google my old friend Margaret Buonincontro, and can’t find her. I used my dads upgraded classmates.com to try to contact her via married name, Margaret Gross but the email address was no longer working. ugh. ‘Thirtysomething’! I miss it so much, if only it were on in reruns somewhere so I could watch it and sob as I used to do. (the episode where Hope is crying because she sees her flaws in her toddler daughter, “she gets it from me!” had me hysterically sad BEFORE I EVEN HAD KIDS! now that I have four I would be a mess).. anyway I will keep rememberin to read you, you brighten my day.
    Thanks, Mel!


  7. Hi I may have written to you before because I do it in the middle of the night (don’t always remember) I have read your blog before and I am not your friend because I was raised in Edmonton Canada – best of luck and hope you find your friend


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