Gone in a flash

You know what I miss? My pillow. Oh, pillow, where art thou, pillow?

It occurs to me that I failed to mention a writing contest I entered and won. You can go here to read my article.

I find it distressing that school starts in a little more than a month. (August 30 around these parts.) I did have a random moment of longing for pumpkin patches and falling colored leaves, but the sane portion of my personality digs in her heels, resenting being dragged headlong into the future at such an alarming rate.

I’m not ready. And I have too much work to do. Didn’t summer just start twenty minutes ago?

11 thoughts on “Gone in a flash

  1. You’re wrong. Summer has just started and summer vacation is about to start next week. Tsk, tsk. (At least where I live.) I’m looking forward to it like mad but I know that once it starts I will be looking forward to September. Especially when preschool will be closed.

    I suck at transitions…


  2. jo-less says:

    Summer has not yet started in the UK, it appears to be about April given the weather… Sigh. At least the schools are on time and the traffic is hugely improved!


  3. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the article. It is wonderful!
    It doesn’t seem possible at all for school to be around the corner. Although I do love all the new school supplies doning the shelves of many stores, the pumpkins that are planted in my sisters garden, and colored leaves. I love the thought of fall on the horizon even though the summer weather has been actually bearable here in the Arkansas.


  4. Marmee says:

    Ya know what? I am without my beloved pillow, too. Not because I lost it, but let’s just say it has something to do with my little dog. Bugger! And I don’t even allow the dog up ON the bed. It happened so quickly and yet I still see it in slow motion, again and again, being replayed in my mind like a movie montage.

    Went to Fred Meyer to buy a similiar one and they all were for people with deep necks. Not a single flatish pillow to be had. So, I’m stuck with my daughter’s reject pillow for now until I can go serious pillow shopping. This is really important, I’m not sleeping as well at night these days. Stupid dog.

    So, I say all this so you can take comfort in the fact that there is someone else out there without their beloved pillow, suffering, tossing and turning. Sigh.


  5. Cindy K. says:

    Wonderful article, Melodee! I’m so glad you won.

    Sorry to hear about your pillow (how is the new one working out?). Been there, done that. It’s really a bummer.

    Summer? Summer here feels like it has been going on forever. The kids are bored, the grass is dead, and flowers are right behind.

    School does seem right around the corner though. Basketball tryouts, bus schedules, clubs, and more… I am also not ready. Yet, have that odd excitement for the first day of school even though I won’t be the one going.

    Good luck! Enjoy the rest of summer.


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