And now, with sunburn

So today, my daughter woke up at 7:37 a.m. even though we are on vacation. She wanted a bath. We finally got ourselves together and met (who else?) a blogger for a day of fun and frivolity. And also, sand and sun. The aforementioned blogger, Gina of Just Another Day has been a friend of mine (even though she adores Al Gore) for a long time, since our paths crossed on an AOL pregnancy message boards years ago. Neither of us post on that board anymore, but we are devoted to our blogs. If you aren’t reading her blog, you really should because she posts regularly and amusingly and occasionally, provocatively. (I dare you to write a sentence with more adverbs in it than that!)

Anyway, so the lovely Gina and her darling son, Mr. Personality, met us in the lobby of our hotel at 10:15 a.m. on the dot. She scored a perfect parking spot in front of our hotel, so we transferred beach paraphernalia from her car trunk into my van and off we went, me driving, her giving directions, the kids all plugged into various DVD players to distract them from actually seeing the world here in Southern California. The funny thing about traveling with kids wearing earphones is that they don’t even here you when you say, “Hey, look at that truck carrying hundreds of bunnies in cages!” or “Hey, that’s Mt. Shasta!”

After a stop for Subway sandwiches, we arrived at Corona Del Mar beach. The boys took off with Gina’s boogie board to catch some waves (thankfully, small waves since that beach is protected by a jetty so I didn’t have to worry about my kids being swept to sea because they would have if the disinterested lifeguard had his way . . . where is David Hasselhoff when I need him?). Grace stood in the surf, jumping over waves until one knocked her backwards onto her adorable behind. Her face remained above water, but she was pinned on her back like a wayward turtle for a few terrifying moments and then, she became very cautious. For awhile.

Eventually, she ran to meet the waves, then turned and fled from them while screaming and laughing with glee. Gina and I were able to chat some while we stood with our feet in the wet sand, which I decided feels exactly as I imagine brown sugar would feel if you were to tromp on an acre of it in your bare feet.

The kids were mostly sunscreened . . . but I neglected to protect my neckline so I have a crescent of hot pink skin from chin to . . . uh, well, were the buttons of my shirt begin. It’s quite attractive. The rest of my farmer’s tan is intact, only a bit pinker than before.

The kids frolicked in the ocean for three, maybe four hours, before we rounded them up, tried to remove some of the sand from their feet and headed home. Back here, they all rinsed and dressed and off we went to Red Robin for an early dinner. After that, we put in two loads of laundry (Laundry: Even on Vacation!) and then went back to the pool for another three hours of waterlogged fun. I met another mom from the AOL pregnancy message board and Grace was able to swim with her 4-year old daughter for an hour while Tiffany and I visited. Tiffany is quite a trooper–she brought her not-quite-3-week old son with her, and this despite having a c-section for his breech delivery. (Thanks, Tiffany, for the effort!) I also met her very kind husband.

After all that, the kids were asleep by 9:30 p.m. and I had a little time to plan our day’s adventure in Disneyland tomorrow. Any surprise that I am one of those by-the-book planning types? First stop? Space Mountain, followed closely by the Buzz Lightyear ride. I just hope everyone marches along to the beat of my drum.

5 thoughts on “And now, with sunburn

  1. Susan says:

    Glad you are all having a fun trip despite the sunburn and laundry. Its so nice to come home to not so much laundry though…I always do a couple of loads while away on vacation. Enjoy Disneyland!


  2. You should see my face! I didn’t put anything on and I am looking quite rosy. At least, I’m going to convince myself that it is just rosy.

    We both had a fabulous time, thank you so much for driving! You wrote this better than I could have, so I am just going to link to this on mine, if you don’t mind me poaching!


  3. Jane Duquette says:

    We were recently on vacation in that area and that is the best beach with kids. The sand is good for sand castles, forts, water canals, and tunnels. The kids built a lot with my engineer husband while
    I tried to entice them into the water. I always miss a few spots with the sunscreen too. Enjoy Disneyland.


  4. elizabeth says:

    You see how left and right can meet and get along AND like each other? Isn’t that the way life is supposed to be?

    I’m really glad you and Gina got to meet because I thought you were a fictitious person. Now, I have to reconsider my position. You exist. Ok, like, wow. Ok. I’m good.

    And…much congrats on getting under 170! But more congrats on being married for 20 years. That’s awesome.

    I still think the sentence is brilliant. It’s timeless.


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