Because just running Avalanche Ranch isn’t stressful enough (though I have to say it’s going so smoothly that I have nothing to complain about), sirens rang out, a police car appeared in the parking lot, then a firetruck rolled up.  My husband went out to investigate and the police officer told him he was managing a crisis and couldn’t talk then.  I walked around outside, saw the construction workers all drift down the street, assured myself that the kids playing outdoors across the street were all well and returned inside.  Then a Puget Sound Energy truck drove up.  An aid car completed the traffic jam on the street in front of the church.

The construction guys hit a natural gas line, poked a 2-inch hole in it, so the emergency management people arrived to manage the potential emergency.  We had to direct all the parents around to the back of the church to pick up the children.  That was pretty exciting.
But all’s well that ends well.  Nothing exploded, no one caught on fire.  Crisis averted.

In other news, it was blazing hot today in the land of the mild summers.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. Laura says:

    At our vbs two weeks ago someone robbed a home close by, stole 7 guns and was running around the neighborhood. So we had to go into “lockdown mode”.

    Glad everyone was safe at both vbses!


  2. I hope nothing like this happens at our VBS! I’m a natural furnance…all I need is a busted line of some sort! (“I’ll charge two bucks a pop to get in my SUV for some AC!!!”)


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