3 thoughts on “What do you wish?

  1. A while ago the question came around “which super hero attribute would you most like to have. I think my answer would have to be the same here. I thought through many of them, the ability to see behind walls or super hearing, go go gadget hands, flying… I want wish for the ability to love unconditionally no matter what. I don’t mean I want people to walk on me or use me. I don’t want to be selfless to the point of neglecting me. I just want to be able to look at people and love them for who they are and where they are. I don’t want to be judgmental at all. People know when they are around someone who cares about them. I find my self being around difficult people and closing them off. This bothers me. I under stand this could present a fine line between being used and showing compassion so it would have to come with wisdom and discernment. That is what I wish.


  2. LisaLouise says:

    I wish that people confused me for Heather Locklear.

    I wish that I could walk through beautiful neighborhoods and look into the windows of houses with gorgeous interiors– at night — and not risk embarrassment or arrest.

    I wish my boys would value oral hygene.

    I wish my husband would stop text messaging while driving.

    I wish I had time to compost and grow an organic garden.

    I wish I was a morning person. Energetic, chirpy with ready- to- go hair. Not so.

    I wish I had the guts to get a bikini wax.

    I wish I had a pretty house on the beach where I could rest and write, without interuption. (P.S. I would lend it to my friend Melodee when she needed it…)

    I wish that my boys will each have the pleasure of holy matrimony with one woman til death do they part–someday!


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