July 5th

I was just about to make my escape, head to Costco with half my kids (I love being able to leave the teenagers at home!) when the doorbell rang.  Oh, hello, neighborhood brothers.  Then, I thought, okay, another hour and I’ll leave.  Ding-dong.  Hello, neighborhood kid and his friend.

So, now all my kids are playing with all these kids and I’m going to read the newspaper and eat lunch and enjoy the semi-quiet while kids are all making noise outside.

Yesterday, I forgot the sunscreen and so today, I have a sunburn on my right knee and my left forehead.  Everything else is pink but doesn’t hurt.  My kids have pink cheeks but seem otherwise unscathed.  Never before in my memory have we watched a Fourth of July parade in such heat and bright sun.  I failed as a mother and brought no cold water.  Alas.

After the parade, a little synchronized swimming at the pool.


And then, much later, waiting for fireworks to begin.


When we got home?  The air conditioner (heat pump, actually) was lagging and I knew that meant it had frozen which meant the filters were disgusting which meant I stood at the kitchen sink cleaning them for an hour, maybe more.

And just now?  The doorbell rings.  But at least the air is working again.

(What do you know?  It’s another neighborhood boy.)

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe . . .

July 5th

2 thoughts on “July 5th

  1. Thanks for sharing your sunshine with me. Awesome and beautiful. We are very warm at 89 and very very soggy. Rain everyday since the beginning of June.


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