Now where did I put that?

I had an actual thought today, the kind of thought that made me say to myself, oh, I need to blog about that.  I think I even composed the first sentence in my head.  And now it’s gone.  If you happen to find it, will you please return it to me?  Thanks.

Meanwhile, how about this picture I took a few weeks ago?  I adjusted the light a little so the foreground was more of a shadow.  This is Mt. Rainier and the moon.  See the moon?


8 thoughts on “Now where did I put that?

  1. that is really cool!! where was it taken. i also compose sentences in my head and they always sounds better in my head then on paper or an email. funny how that works.


  2. Beautiful picture! Who needs words with beauty like that?

    Put a pad of paper and a pencil by your bed. You will probably think of it as you are sleeping. If not then I’m sure it will turn up sometime. Good things usually do.


  3. I see the moon and the moon sees me.
    God bless the moon and God bless me.

    We all still say that one when we take the time to notice God’s nightlight.

    Oh, how I miss tubing down Mt. Rainer…


  4. I’m going to miss going to Mt. Rainier. My IL’s live in WA (We live in WI.), but they’re moving to a different state this summer. We usually make it a point to visit the mt. when we visited them in WA.


  5. I haven’t been to Mt. Rainier since the 70s. My aunt and uncle used to live in Centralia, so I got to visit them a couple of summers when I was in high school. (Quit counting!) We had so much fun there. I remember my sister trying to climb up a wall of snow to write her name, she lost her footing and came sliding down to the parking lot in the ice and snow and ended up underneath a car. For some reason, this strikes us as hilariously funny now days, even more than when it actually happened. I’d love to go back and visit again.


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