Dusty emptiness

If I were a house, I’d be waiting for tenants to move in.

If I were a lot, I’d be vacant.

If I were an Easter bunny, I’d be hollow.

If I were a milk carton, I’d be empty in the fridge.

If I were a marker, I’d be dried out.

Lucky for us both, I’m none of the above.  And despite the echoes in my head, I managed to post a little something over at the Larger Families blog.  We were supposed to do a photoblog of our Mother’s Day and somehow I missed those directions.  I had nothing.  You’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get over this stupid cold.  And I keep falling asleep while reading The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene . . . which I love . . . I just can’t stay awake.

6 thoughts on “Dusty emptiness

  1. Hang in there Mel!
    Sounds like the blues, the blahs and the just plain exhausteds have claimed you for the moment….but this too shall pass
    Even so, I love your imagery!


  2. Hey — what movie did you see? I also went out alone on mother’s day, as I do every year. I saw “Namesake” and loved it. I was looking for a comedy, but couldn’t find any. And would you believe I couldn’t scrounge up a single friend to go to the movies with? They all wanted to be WITH their families on mother’s day. Can you imagine!? Oh, the horrors! 😉


  3. Sounds like you’re feeling pretty run down by the cold and sniffles. Take good care of yourself and eat lots of chicken soup, even if it’s the bargain brand instead of homemade, it will make you feel better. ((Hugs))


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