Dinner Party Conversation

Tidbits from a dinner party, all uttered by different people:

–He drank so much coffee, he couldn’t sleep.  So, “after I ran fourteen miles at 4:00 a.m., I started to feel better.”

–Someone mentioned having a gun.  “I have a gun!  I have a Derringer and a 22.”  This said by a refined, elegant, silver-haired, woman who retains a Southern accent.  The gun owners outnumbered those of us who are unarmed.  

–After being trained by the military to be a supply clerk, “I thought the curriculum was so boring, so I asked about becoming a SEAL.”  When we all gasp, he says, “I was one of the ones who actually liked the training.”  (He served in Vietnam, among other places.) 

–And what do you do, someone asks another man.  “Oh,” he says, “I train pilots to fly 737s.”

In the company of such humility and wealth of experiences, all I had to contribute to the conversation was my knowledge of Philip Yancey and Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz.  I have never trained to become a Navy SEAL, flown a jet, owned a gun or run more than the required one mile during the Presidential Fitness test in junior high.  I have given birth twice at home in a birthing tub surrounded by women and not a single doctor, but somehow, I’m thinking that’s not fit conversation for a dinner party where not only did we use silverware, but also fancy china with silvered edges.

6 thoughts on “Dinner Party Conversation

  1. See, now that’s why I don’t have dinner parties! Apart from the fact that I’d have to clean my house, I seem to be missing the all important brain-to-mouth filter and I consider no topic off limits.


  2. That was sooo funny to me because I know who you are talking about. I am very surprised the gray haired southern woman is armed!! 🙂


  3. this is my life every time I go with hubs to a work function. I have learned to ask questions , listen and act interested. I actually was interested when the two people I was sitting with made plans right then and there to go to italy the very next month. Just. like. that. and I do believe they followed through. I can’t even be sure I’m going to the Kohls sale for new shirts.
    I’m sure you were fine and were wonderful!!


  4. Oh, I admire you for going.

    I once embarrassed my husband nearly to death. He has a friend who is a doctor, and he and his wife were planning to build a second home. For some stupid reason my husband thought it would be fun for us to go with them to one of those ‘new home parades’ our area has every year.

    My husband and the doctor’s wife played ‘who do you know?’ and into it’s second hour, I piped in with, ‘Well, I know GOD!’

    That was hard to top, and the conversation died, and we never went out with them again…and now you know why I have a blog and stay at home caring for my grandson…

    If I recall, on the ride home my husband said ‘Did you HAAAAAAVE to say that?’


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