I’m a whiner.

I’m feeling all neglected and wishing someone would email me . . . because no one has emailed me in the last ten minutes since I last checked.  And then I realize that I have 82 emails sitting in my box at this very moment and perhaps it would behoove me to answer one or twenty-seven of them.

Or not.

3 thoughts on “I’m a whiner.

  1. Hi Melanee, ~Remember me from the September 2002 boards ~ 5 years ago on AOL. Sarah, Mark & Katie’s Mom.
    I’ve been reading your blog lately along with your other one …the shrinking mom one. I also recently lost weight. 18 lbs at my lowest, since then, I’m up 3 …but maintained 15 so I’m back on the “beach” …south beach to lose hopefully 10-15 more.
    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blogs, I’m glad I have 2 now to check in on! Keep up the good work! ~Sue 🙂


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