Shame and Joy

Shame:  I have yet to teach my 9-year old to tie his shoes.  Velcro has turned me into a negligent mother.  However, yesterday for the first time, he mastered riding his bicycle which has been a challenge for him until now.  (I take no credit for this at all.)

Joy:  Max & Ruby are back.  I can’t help myself.  I really love “Max & Ruby” and so does my 4-year old.  She completely identifies with Ruby. 

That is all. 

9 thoughts on “Shame and Joy

  1. You should do that bunny ears thing to teach him to tie his shoes. I bet he learns it in a heartbeat. The other thing that I find kids can’t do is read regular clocks (not digital). My youngest had the hardest time learning how to read them and I was like…wtf? What do you mean you can’t read a clock? But she couldn’t and so I had to teach her. Technology has made our kids both smarter and dumber it seems.


  2. I read on Mommy Life a good way to teach kids to tie shoes — get a large shoe from goodwill or wherever (one that isn’t being used) and color one tie one color and the other one another color. That way when they’re learning, it’s not on teeny-tiny shoes (yeah, I know 9yo boy shoes aren’t that small, but stick with me), and the colors help them figure out what bunny ear goes through which loop.


  3. My eight year old still can’t tie her shoes. I’ve taught her using the method my dad used to teach me. (One loop is a tree, and then the bunny runs around the tree and pops out of his bunny hole, and I just now found myself wondering how a bunny can run around a tree BEFORE it pops out of its hole, but oh well, worked for me.) Anyway, she knows the mechanics, is just a matter of practice now. She just learned how to tell time on a regular clock too! I figure when she’s an adult, no one is going to ask her how old she was when she learned to tie her shoes. 🙂


  4. i love max and ruby too. almost as much as i love little bear.

    i have not taught my 9 year old to tie her shoes either. my 7 year old just learned; she finally wanted to. my 7 year old also does not know how to ride her bike. the other day i saw her sister trying to teach her. hey, i teach them everything else, can’t their daddy teach them some things?


  5. My two older kids are Max and Ruby. I love that show, it cracks me up. As for tieing shoes, my daughter is in Kindergarten and they have been teaching her all year in there. HALLELUJAH!


  6. THANK YOU for the recommendation! (Until your post, I’d never heard of Max & Ruby.)

    I just ordered a dvd–I’m sure Sophia will love it.

    Thanks again for your ministry!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Tara B.


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