Movie Review: Zodiac

Dear Guy in the faded FX Toughman shirt,

What in the name of all good sense are you doing taking a young girl (was she eight?!) to a rated R movie like “Zodiac”?  Are you insane?  Or just selfish?  Or stupid?

The previews alone for half a dozen gory horror films would have given me lifelong nightmares had I seen them when I was an eight year old girl.  What were you thinking?  Do you think?

And furthermore, Tuesday night is a SCHOOL NIGHT, dude!  The movie ended at 10 p.m. . . . isn’t that way past an 8-year old child’s bedtime?  Plan ahead, pal!  Get a babysitter!

What an idiot you are.  When I saw that child ALONE in the bathroom, I wanted to casually ask her if she liked the movie, but I was afraid she might talk to a stranger (ME!), thus giving her the idea that it’s completely fine to talk to strangers in the bathroom at the movie theater.

Honestly.  What is wrong with you? 



p.s.  I liked the movie.  But I would NEVER in a MILLION years take a child to see it. 

Movie Review: Zodiac

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Zodiac

  1. I actually knew one of the murder victims as this took place in my town. Two of the murder sites are less than a mile from my home. (The movie was not filmed here.)
    We haven’t seen the movie, and I’m not sure we will.
    What are they thinking taking a child to see that type of movie!!


  2. […] You know what drives me crazy?  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again:  seeing a child in a movie theater watching a movie that is completely inappropriate for a child.  Why in the world are parents in such a hurry to expose their children to adult themes and images?  And I’m don’t just mean gore or sexuality . . . I think children should be protected from ideas with which adults must grapple.  I don’t want my kids to worry about things that adults worry about.  I take my job very seriously and a large part of my job is keeping my children safe, both physically and emotionally.  Thus, I guard their minds and hearts and eyes.  Judging from the local theater, not everyone thinks like me.  Shocking!  (No, really, how can that be when I am so smart and . . . well, so right?)  You might call me overprotective, but I prefer to think of myself as the protective wall between my kids and harm. That’s one reason I appreciate the newly launched website “We Believe in Girls.” I can stand behind a site that says: We also believe that the pressure on girls to grow up fast, to dress up “fast,” to cut the midriff shorter, pout the lips out further, pierce everything earlier — that all this mad, headlong rush toward early sophistication* may have gone a bit too far. […]


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