The Inconvenient Truth

A newspaper article caught my eye the other day about the planet Jupiter. This quote especially gave me pause:

“We think the ocean leaks onto the surface,” said McKinnon, a planetary scientist at Washington University. “What does that tell us about the chemistry of the water that’s down below? And the 64 billion dollar question is, could any of that stuff have the signature of life?”

Apparently, life is most valuable on far-flung planets in the solar system. Imagine if a human embryo were found in that “vast, warm, salty ocean – bigger than all of Earth’s put together” on Jupiter. The scientific community, indeed, the world at large would be thunderstruck, in awe of the discovery. Can you imagine the furor? (The story might even push the Anna Nicole drama out of the news.) How many scientists have devoted their lives to the search for life in our solar system?

Now, put that same embryo in the uterus of a random woman in this country and you’ll hear that “life begins with the mother’s decision” (as General Wesley Clark asserted during his presidential campaign).

That life in a warm ocean on a distant planet would be a breathtaking miracle.

That same life inconveniently located in the womb of a woman on this planet is disposable.

I guess that old adage is true: It’s all about location, location, location.

19 thoughts on “The Inconvenient Truth

  1. Preach it sister!

    I also think that it is amazing that a baby that survived and is flourshing and being released from the hospital after being born at 21 weeks gestation is so newsworthy and declared a miracle but a “fetus” can be destroyed and no one thinks anything about it.


  2. Sad indeed. Next to that, the other thing that irks me is the tons of money that has been and will be spent on finding out if there is life out on other planets.


  3. It’s true. And what even stranger to me is that some of the people who fight so hard for the lives of animals will turn around and think nothing of the killing of a human fetus. I guess any life is precious to them unless it is made in the image of God.


  4. There is a thought that will stick with me for quite some time. And the next is all the money that is poured into all this research when countries (oh, so including our own!) have so many devastating problems between their own home borders. Sigh. Where is my bubble? I want back in.


  5. It’s all about the money , honey. If Anna Nicole was a no name woman ,the whole ordeal wouldn’t have even made the news. The jury is still out on who the Dad is. How sad is that?
    FYI for any other science-nerd moms out there – The fact that Jupiter rotates the opposite direction from all the other planets is such amazing evidence to “signiture of life”. His name is GOD


  6. That’s what bothers me about proponants of partial birth abortion. Late term that is, if a girl/woman gives birth herself, then takes her babies life, it is murder, but if she goes to a “doctor” and has it done, its legal. Once again, location, location, location.


  7. Very well spoken; and as far as location,you couldn’t have pin-pointed that point any better. It is so amazing the vast amount of dollars put, rather, dumped into so-called funds that decrease the amount of value on our own humanity. The super-rich get richer and gain more power, and the little person, and embryo, lose out. No win situation.

    How about the new deal: let’s insist our little one’s get “vaccinated” with gardisil, so as not to contract a virus. Boys, too!! Not my children!! No naivete here, but they are learning to keep their hearts open to the Lord, and their legs SHUT! Prayerfully, and that alone speaks volumes, He will prevail.


  8. I don’t agree with you … I’m not religious AT ALL… and the stuff about God only related to those who believe, not to those of us who don’t believe. Why should my kids be virgins until they are married? We don’t believe in the bible, so no one is telling us that… why shouldn’t have choice over her body (until such time as the feotus would survive) (I couldn’t go through with this though, as the feotus is part of me and my husband)… why should the religious have rights to say what happens to a non religious person? Why do the laws of God rule non Religious people? Why should Muslims behave in a Christian way? Isn’t your belief about you, and what is right for you? Not about anyone else? Don’t they have the right to do what is right for them, just as you have…. I guess my point is that people should make sure THEY are behaving by their own set of standards and morals, and leave everyone else to adhere to their own morals and standards.. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone minded their own business a lot more. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”…. shouldn’t that apply to this situation too?? JMHO


  9. Justine, Christians believe murder is wrong. According to your logic, only those who believe similarly should have to live by the standard that killing another human being is wrong. “Why yes, Your Honor, I did kill my wife because she burnt my toast, but you see, I don’t believe in God or that killing another person is wrong, so I’m NOT guilty.”

    If you believe that a human fetus is a human life, (which science and common sense both agree is the truth) then you have to also believe that removing it from the womb before it can survive on it’s own is ending a human life. I can’t figure out why that’s okay with so many people.


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