Preparing To Be Shot

I am going to talk about the topics I touched on last night . . . but not tonight.

Earlier tonight, I went shopping for jeans, a blue shirt and boots–with a heel!–to wear with the jeans.  This shopping excursion went against everything I stand for.  For one, I started at Nordstroms where I actually accepted the salesgirl’s offer of help.  I told her what I needed and she helped me pick out six pairs of jeans to try on.  (Normally, I shop the clearance rack at Marshall’s.)

I’m just glad that the jeans that looked the best weren’t the ones that cost $158!  I settled on a baby blue cable-knit sweater after trying on a dozen shirts in various shades of blue.  I purchased clothing at full-price.  (Ack!)

Then, I went to Macy’s where I ignored my instincts to pick comfortable shoes, flat shoes, shoes with rubber soles . . . and bought a pair of boots, kind of like these.  I bought them specifically to go with the long jeans.  (At least they were twenty bucks off.)

Why?  Good question.  On Saturday, I have a photo shoot (with a “blue color palette.”)  That’s why I was desperate to get my hair cut and highlighted . . . I will be posing for pictures.  This freaks me out, especially in light of this post by Quinn Cummings who recently endured a photo shoot.  I have actively avoided cameras for the past fifteen years, but I am willingly driving to Seattle and wearing heels on boots to have my picture taken.

Clearly, I’ve lost my mind.

Also, I’ve lost 48.4 pounds as of today. 

14 thoughts on “Preparing To Be Shot

  1. Congratulations of your weight loss! I am SO jealous! I am just in the first weeks of weight loss and it is soooooo sloooooow. Oh well – your post inspired me. The jeans and boots sound like so much fun! Good for you!


  2. See, Mel, it goes like this. My photoshoot was such a cartwheeling car wreck that there is plenty of good photo shoot karma floating around unused. I hereby bestow it upon you.
    Have fun.


  3. Wow, over 48 pounds! That’s great! What’s your secret? I’m in a rut and the scale is going up not down. The boots are cute by the way. I hope your shoot goes fantastic. Have a blast 😀


  4. Congrats on the weight loss. You will look great for your photo shoot! Love the boots! I always have to buy comfort, sometimes it would be nice to have comfort and style. So proud of you.
    hugs, Tari


  5. What is it with losing weight loss and a strong desire to buy amazingly unpracticle and cool shoes? I just got a pair of very awesome black wing tips with 3in heels. So fun!!


  6. Mel,

    I discovered you through another blog by a comment you posted. You are a fantastic writer and I have enjoyed reading some of your posts tonight. Take care. I have lost 11 pounds myself lately so I know how good it feels. I try to walk many miles everyday. I have nothing but free time on my hands these days. Take care and keep up the good blogging.


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