Don’t Squeeze My Brain

I have a fear.  I worry that my brain has reached capacity, like a sponge that’s soaked in water . . . poke it, and it will start to leak. 

What happens if I just can’t shove another fact into my brain or learn anything new or retain additional information?  I want to do more and be more than the woman who sweeps the floors and matches socks.  But what if my brain has liquefied like jello left out in the sun? 

I worry about my spongy brain. 

(And where is my remote control, anyway?  I dug into the furniture.  I did everything but body cavity checks on the children.)

See?  I can’t even think a coherent, straight-line thought without distracting myself.

Sponge-brain.  That’s me. 

9 thoughts on “Don’t Squeeze My Brain

  1. Mel –

    Did you check other rooms (especially the kitchen) for the remote. In our house, someone goes for a snack and takes the remote with them. Then they set it down while they are in there and forget to bring it back.

    With young teenage boys, you might even find it in the fridge!

    Good luck!

    Shelly (Still here, still pregnant)


  2. Even when they leak, we’re still programmed to mop them up anyway, Mel, ha! Years ago I established a quiet corner in the basement with my exercise bike and Walkman with a ton of tapes. I told EVERYONE that was MY space and when I was on MY bike, unless it was a life-threatening emergency, I was NOT to be interrupted during my hour of bike time. And, glory be! They’ve respected it all these years!! Maybe you need to find a leave-me-alone corner of the house, too, and set down the LAW! We mothers are PEOPLE first, too, but we mothers are the first ones to forget that. It is amazing how refreshing that hour of total peace is.


  3. I am soooooo glad it is not just my household who is on constant search of the “clicker” as we call it =)) I swear the boys carry it off to their rooms, leave it in the bathroom. This is a MAJOR pet peeve of hubby’s, it litterally can start WWIII in our house =))


  4. We just watched a PBS doc on the brain. Apparently it really happens — the brain shifts information around (or partly out) to make room for new. I don’t hink it does it so very well all of the time. In the second half of my teaching career, my brain was so full of names that I could barely learn the new ones. They said that the notion that we only use 10% of our brain was totally wrong. It gets pretty full in there, apparently.


  5. My brain has been leaking for several years now. Thing is, it keeps leaking the important stuff and keeping all the nonessential trivia I’ve picked up in my life. Wonder if there is a vaccine for that?


  6. I can relate! These days I find that stuff has leaked out of my brain all the time, sometimes at an alarming rate. I chalk it up to working nights and if I didn’t have to behave like a vampire, my brain would work better (shhhh, let me have my fantasy!)


  7. You aren’t the only one with a spongey brain…
    Right now I feel like I am in a fog, could be that I am not feeling well or that I am so busy I just can’t think at all…
    I just don’t know but I hope that I can find something to plug my leak or fix spongey brain syndrome!


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