Where, oh where has it gone?

I devoted myself wholeheartedly today to an earnest quest.  And I failed.

I vacuumed the family room, moved the heavy hide-a-bed couch, opened it, vacuumed under it, overturned both recliners, dug though the toy box and still no remote control.

How can the remote control vanish into thin air? 

18 thoughts on “Where, oh where has it gone?

  1. My 10-month old probably has it. She loves to grab ours off the coffee table and run off with them. Sometimes it takes me a really long time to figure out where around the house she has distributed our various remote controls.


  2. CHECK THE TRASH CAN OR RECYCLE BIN! That’s the only way out of the house, they didn’t just walk out. I think we’ve accidentally thrown away at least one on our marriage.


  3. We’ve lost two remotes in the last two years. Neither of them have ever shown up! We’ve replaced both of them. Its a total mystery.

    At least you got your room vacummed this way! 🙂


  4. I KNOW WHERE YOUR REMOTE IS!–Follow these directions–take the cushions off your chairs and couch. Now, stick your hand waaaaaay down inside the nether regions of the furniture construction by pushing down the springs where the arms and back meet the seat. There is a big black hole that remotes, toys, and even money go. You’re welcome 🙂


  5. I agree with Ginger. I’ve had the same thought more than once! Luckily our cordless phone does have that remote beeping function or it would still be lost! 🙂


  6. Check the laundry baskets, the bathrooms, and anywhere near your telephones (in drawers)…I have been known to walk out of the room with it in my hand and then put it into a drawer as I put away clean laundry. Hope it shows up before football today!


  7. I know the feeling! And we have about 6 remotes, only half of which we’re sure about the corresponding electronic device.

    Thanks for commenting on my forts post. My daughter laughed when I read her your comment about the sofa cushions your kids use on their forts. That’s a pretty common building material around here as well;)

    Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday


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