A Little of This and That

P1010006.JPGA few afternoons ago, my sons were all gone at the exact same time.  The preschoolers were both napping and the 18-month old was twirling in the patio door drapes.  If I could have rolled in the silence, I would have.  It was that great.

From my kitchen window, I spotted a strange plant growing in the distance. 

I went outside in my slippers for a closer investigation and found Canterbury Bells growing.    I didn’t plant it, nor was it growing there last year.  I love this surprise plant.  I wish my entire garden would just plant itself without warning or effort.

P1010009.JPGAnd now, my tip for the day.  Do you have a toddler or preschooler who likes to paint?  And you aren’t so excited about providing messy paints on a particularly busy day? 

Give your little one a bowl of water, a brush and a piece of construction paper.  The water darkens the paper and you can totally provide the experience without having any clean-up. 

This disjointed post brought to you courtesy of Having Too Much To Do.

(Although, I should note that I took my anxiety from last night–which included a few tears, even–and channeled it into action.  I cleaned off my desk, organized the VBS materials, made a few phone calls.  I’m feeling marginally better.  Thanks for all your supportive comments and prayers.  I really appreciate that.) 

12 thoughts on “A Little of This and That

  1. Hooray for what I call, “little brains!” I love this idea, and bet my girls will too. I’m sure most of what’s hard about keeping kids entertained is our own fault — we’re the ones raising the bar — they’re happy with water and paper. Oh for cryin’out loud!


  2. I have kept toddlers busy with a house paint brush and a bucket of water, then let them paint the driveway, fence, swingset and whatever else within their reach!


  3. okay, so, um, this reminded me of a few months back when i went into this kitschy store, and they had asian art sets that were just that…paper, a brush, and a pot for water. and i was enarmored by it. but putoff by the $20ish price tag. hehe. and now seeing this, i feel like a silly fool for not thinking of it sooner ;P

    congrats on making progress with the VBS stuff 🙂


  4. For some strange reason I thought that you were going to tell us that he painted the plant.

    I have at my blog, passed the Mic over to you. So please drop by and view my latest Meme. I’m looking forward to reading some weird facts about you. 🙂


  5. I have been out of town and just enjoying catching up on your last week of posts. I love your realness in writing about feeling depressed/overwhelmed yesterday—I live to hear things like that from others because it’s so easy to wish you could be like “those other moms” and forget that they are more like you! Thanks for the painting tip too—Brilliant!

    By the way, I met a lady the other night at dinner who goes out for the 3 hour coffees and well, turns out, she drinks half a bottle of wine every night to deal with the two hours she has her daughter before bed. I’m not being catty, honestly. She mentioned this to me no less than 4 times in an hour. Mostly she was amazed that I could remain sober staying at home with two children. I’m actually pretty proud of that accomplishment myself….


  6. I give my kids paintbrushed when they play in the wading pool. They paint on the sidewalk and on the side of the fence and whatnot.

    I (who am an artist, by the way) HATE having my kids do painting projects. I hate the mess.


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