Raindrops Keep Falling on Her Head


June rain.
Originally uploaded by Mel 128.

This is what June first looks like here in the Pacific Northwest. And so, if you’re a kid growing up here, you play outside in the rain anyway. If you’re me, you half-wish the rain would stop and half-hope it continues because when it stops, you will have so much work to do trimming the ivy and slashing down hedges and digging up weeds.

When it rains, you can stay indoors without guilt.

12 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling on Her Head

  1. I do actually understand this. Any day it is over 100F degrees here I beg off doing yard work. Over the weekend it was under 100F so I went out and sprayed weed killer on the weeds in the front. The front yard is mostly just desert landscaping. So, quilt free cuz I can say..look I did something but today is over 100 again!

    You get rain, I get heat. We can all find the excuse? no reason when we need to. he he he


  2. When it rains here, it means it’s an “inside” hour or day. We own one umbrella and there are seven of us.

    My kids would adore playing in the rain, but it is *always* accompanied by lightning here.


  3. One of my sons prefers to play in the rain as to in the sunshine. He loves the rain that much. I always tell him he looks like he doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain! lol.


  4. It looks so beautifully green. Our grass and landscaping are already turning brown with the dry wind and heat. Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon.


  5. We’re about 95% confident we’re moving to your neck of the woods (ok, same state since I have no idea where your “woods” really are) in the next 90 days. Our house is being put on the market today and my dad, step-mom, step-brother, both sisters and my nephew are all moving up there and we felt left out. Actually, it’s because I miss my family, hate the desert heat (and my daughter hates it more) and love the rain. Easy to say being from the desert and all, but I’m up for some green, wet weather. And good excuses to both not garden – don’t know how yet since the desert heat kills most everything pretty well – and yet, still have green growing nearby! (And I say 95% because there’s always the chance that something could change I guess…I’m growing more flexible and expecting the unexpected.) I’m happy to know that at the very least there is someone there like you! Hopefully the whole Pacific NW is filled with other people just like you!!


  6. Love, “When it rains, you can stay indoors guilt-free!”

    One of my son’s favorite outdoor activities is jumping on the trampoline in the rain! Barring an electrical storm of course!



  7. Umbrellas forsooth! The true Pac-NW’er knows that umbrellas are mere vanities.
    Okay, well, maybe not on a day when I actually put on makeup.


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