Irreconcilable Differences

I must have the smartest, most thoughtful readers on the internet.  Did you read all those great comments on the post below?  (And I’m not just talking about the ones who complimented me, though that was great.  Thanks!)

I pity those who discard a marriage after such brief attempts.  (Yes, Jessica Simpson, I’m talking to you.  And Tori Spelling?  What is wrong with you women?!)  Do these people not know that joy comes in faithfulness and in long-term commitment?  Whatever happened to delayed gratification?

Judy understands what it’s like to be in a marriage chock full of irreconcilable differences.  When I read Judy’s blog last night, I knew I had to share it here . . . it’s the perfect accompaniment to my last post, kind of like Diet Coke with Lime is the perfect drink with fat-free popcorn.  

So, go read.  Laugh and nod.  Thank me later.

13 thoughts on “Irreconcilable Differences

  1. Wow,I’m Impressed! Thanks for the link. I totaly understand your exasperation about the “good reasons” people think they have to get a divorce. And talk about Oppisites!


  2. I think you’re right on target with yesterday’s assessment

    I also read Judy’s post, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me laugh at my own marriage.

    Perhaps we should start a meme on irreconcilable differences that we somehow seem to overcome in our marriages.

    I would love to hear stuff like that from other bloggers.


  3. Well Mel, as someone who left her first husband after one year, I must say to you that I thank God every day that he allowed me to. I’ve been married to my dh for nearly seven years now, and have a different perspective on marriage, but still can’t imagine being Mrs. First Guy and shudder to think of it. I wonder if I would have ever quit drinking, had children or found Jesus.


  4. Your entry about the Armstrongs was great, Mel. And thanks so much for the link to Judy’s site…her entry on irreconcilable differences was priceless!! In fact, it inspired me to do one of my OWN on my site, too. I think we long-marrieds need to give the younger ones out there all the help they can get…way, way, way too many marriages fail for the flimsiest of reasons anymore. I know my daughter — who’s almost 30 — says most of her friends are commitment-shy because of coming from broken homes themselves. In fact, out of all the kids she grew up with, mine and Dear Hubby’s is one of the few marriages of parents in her circle that has remained intact. Sad testimony on the world-at-large, wouldn’t you say? Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


  5. I think, not that I agree with her, that Lance Armstrong’s Ex has a unique situation from most women. Anytime you are married to a famous person, you run the risk of feeling overshadowed. You run that risk in any relationship. I don’t know who these people are that can maintain a sense of self while still being a married unit and a parent. Of course my life is completely taken up by these things, but I still know who I am. I haven’t lost anything, except maybe money, sleep and the occassional night out. But, those things are overrated anyway.


  6. I’m with SMIT. I’d love to read about the hrdles other people jump in their marriages.

    But Judy, does he READ them?? Does he read yours? Mine doesn’t read mine.

    We’re at 11 years and counting.
    I feel like we deserve a medal or something. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. And I mean that. I do. I DO.

    By the way Mel, the pix up there are awesome. LOVE IT!


  7. Can I answer Tracey here?

    Yes. He does read them. It’s a new form of conversation with us now. “Hmm. I sense another irrconcilable coming on!”

    I did warn him though. I told him the morning I posted it not to pass out when he read my blog. He only reads it when I give a ‘teaser’ like that.


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