Why Am I Still Awake?!

Every once in a blue moon, I get a typing job. Two dollars a page, easy work to do. Except, of course, that it cannot be done while a nosy baby who hates the computer and wants to stand on the keyboard is awake. So, I had to type after she went to bed tonight. And last night, too.

I just finished the job. Fifty-nine pages in two nights. That represents about six hours of work since I can type ten pages in an hour. I was ready to toss my keyboard out the window tonight, though. I hurriedly typed, trying to get enough done so I could justify taking a break. I wanted to ride my exercise bike and watch “The Apprentice” at 9 p.m. Twelve pages of work done and WHAT? A strange error message with the insincere apology accompanying the warning that I may lose unsaved work.

Kiss those twelve pages good-bye. My old word processor on the old computer used to save automatically every ten minutes or so. Not this new word processor. No. And it hadn’t even occurred to me to save it since I was sitting right here diligently typing.


Last night, I went to bed at midnight. Grace woke up at 3:20 a.m. I nursed her, went back to bed at 4 a.m. Zach woke up at 4:18 a.m. His throat is still sore and he’s outraged! I gave him medicine and snuggled next to him in his bed until he went to sleep. At 5 a.m. Yawn.

So, today was long. Tomorrow is my husband’s day off, but he’s working. Saturday he has a day-long retreat to coordinate. He’ll obviously be gone then, too. I’ve been so whiny here in the past days, so I won’t even get started.

(But boy, I need a vacation from my life!)

In the meantime, I’m heading to bed. It’s 12:42 a.m.!

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