No More Doom and Gloom For Now

Okay. Well, after yesterday’s extremely grim entry, I figure I won’t recite the sad tale of how my dad told me he was divorcing my mother when I was 11.

Instead, a few random tidbits from life here in the Pacific Northwest.

Yesterday, Zach arrives home from school and blurts out, “Mom, I got my symbol moved!”

At kindergarten, their behavior is recorded as a happy face, a sad face or a not-so-happy face. If they do something they shouldn’t, they get their symbol moved from happy to sad or not-so-happy. He’s been so proud that he’s never had to move his symbol. Until yesterday. The “not-so-happy” face was circled.

“Oh no! What happened?”

And he told me excitedly that Dominick accidentally knocked over his dominoes and so Zach yelled, “DOMINICK!” Dominick got in trouble, too. So did David.

Now, a quick word about David. David is Zach’s new best friend. My neighbor who volunteers in the classroom says David is “exuberant.” David’s mother described him to me as “active.” I asked Zach once, “What kind of boy is David?” And Zach said, “He loves action!

The sheet in Zach’s folder said, “He was loud and talkative all day!” So, I had a little talk with him and he promised to be on his best behavior again.

On an unrelated note, today I overhead Zach mention to himself something about a picture of him “when I used to be cute.” I said, “Hey, what are you talking about? When you used to be cute?”

And he said, “Mom, that picture was when I was three and I used to be cute. Now, I’m not cute. I’m cool!”

Meanwhile, Grace has decided that she’d like to be outside in the backyard most of the day. We went out two separate times today and brrrrr, it was chilly! When she asked to go outside and I said no, she cried and screamed and flung herself toward me. And no nap today at all. Not even ten minutes during our noon nursing. This is her new pattern. No nap at all, but then she’ll sleep for 12-14 hours at night.

I started exercising yesterday on my new Schwinn exercise bike. Today is my second day. I’m going to ride it every day, unless I’m sick. Once I managed to do that for a solid year. I rode an exercise bike every single day, no matter what. I only quit when I got pneumonia.

So, no more doom and gloom for today. But there’s always tomorrow!

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